Search for disqualified company directors

The Companies House disqualified directors register includes details of directors disqualified by the courts, the Insolvency Service and the Competition and Markets Authority.

It contains:

  • their name
  • their address
  • their date of birth, if available
  • their nationality
  • their last registered address
  • when the disqualification began and ends
  • how many disqualifications they’ve had
  • why they were disqualified
  • names of companies relevant to their disqualification
  • whether they have the court’s permission to continue to act as a director

Get full details of why the director was disqualified

England, Scotland and Wales

If the director was disqualified in the past 3 months, you can view full details using the Insolvency Service online service.

Otherwise, contact

Northern Ireland

Contact the Insolvency Service in Northern Ireland.

Search the bankruptcy and insolvency register

Anyone who has a bankruptcy order (‘undischarged bankrupts’), a debt relief order or bankruptcy restrictions is banned from being the director of a company.

You can search the bankruptcy and insolvency register to find out who has been banned.