There are 2 ways to search for disqualified directors.

The Companies House register gives details of all disqualified directors in England and Wales.

It contains:

  • their name
  • their address
  • their date of birth
  • their nationality
  • their last registered address
  • when the disqualification began and ends
  • how many disqualifications they’ve had
  • why they were disqualified
  • their company number

The Insolvency Service lists directors who have been disqualified in the past 3 months.

It gives full details of why the director was banned.

Contact the Insolvency Service for details of directors who were disqualified more than 3 months ago.

Anyone who has a bankruptcy order (‘undischarged bankrupts’), a debt relief order or bankruptcy restrictions is banned from being the director of a company.

You can search the:

Scotland and Northern Ireland

Find information on disqualified directors using: