Search the bankruptcy and insolvency register

You can search for details of people who have gone bankrupt or signed an agreement to deal with their debts in England and Wales.

You can also check the disqualified directors register to find out if someone has been disqualified from being a company director.

Individual Insolvency Register

Get details about insolvency cases in England and Wales, including:

  • bankruptcies, for example the date of a discharge (when someone is freed) from debts
  • Debt Relief Orders
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements

You can search the register by name or trading name (for sole traders).

Records are usually removed within 3 months of an insolvency case ending.

Contact the office that dealt with the insolvency to correct any mistakes.

Search for people with Bankruptcy or Debt Relief Restrictions

Search the list of people with additional insolvency restrictions for the last 3 months.

The list contains details of people who have broken the terms of their bankruptcy or Debt Relief Order. They will have been given a penalty, called a Bankruptcy Restrictions Order (BRO) or Undertaking (BRU) or a Debt Relief Restrictions Order (DRRO) or Undertaking (DRRU).

You may still be able to find information on the Individual Insolvency Register after 3 months but doesn’t include any penalties.

You can ask for information about the unfit conduct of an individual (who have current bankruptcy or debt relief restrictions) by contacting the official receiver dealing with the case.

Registers for Scotland and Northern Ireland

Search the insolvency registers for: