1. Overview

You can apply to the court to ‘wind up’ a company if it can’t pay its debts of more than £750.

Your application to the court is known as a ‘winding-up petition’. If successful, the company will be put into liquidation.

You may not get all or any of the money you’re owed - a debt specialist (eg a solicitor) can help you work out the best way to recover a debt and send your petition.

How to petition the court

  1. Prove the company can’t pay its debts.

  2. Fill in the forms and give them to the court.


The fees are:

  • £280 - court fees
  • £1250 - petition deposit (to manage the ‘winding-up’)

You might be able to get the fees back if the company can afford to repay them.

Pay using cash, postal orders or a building society, bank or solicitor’s cheque made payable to Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service.

Scottish companies

There are different rules on winding up a company in Scotland.