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  • Make a court claim for money

    How to take legal action if someone owes you money (small claims court), how much it costs, what happens next.

  • Court and tribunal fees

    Pay civil or family court fees or tribunal fees, get help with fees if you're on a low income or getting benefits

  • Make a claim to an employment tribunal

    How to take an employer to a tribunal: the hearing, what happens if you lose your case, how to appeal.

  • Criminal courts

    The different types of court - magistrates' court, Crown Court and youth court - the crimes they deal with and the level of sentences they can give

  • Form SSCS1: Appeal a social security benefits decision (Notice of appeal)

    Use this form to appeal against a decision made by the Department for Work and Pensions about social security benefits.

  • Appeal a call up to the reserve forces

    Appeal a call up into the reserve forces - request exemption if you're called out into service or ask for exemption for an employee if their request's been turned down

  • Appeal a benefit decision

    Appeal to the independent Social Security and Child Support tribunal about a benefit decision: what happens at the hearing, getting a decision, if you do not agree

  • Evicting tenants (England and Wales)

    Information for landlords on tenant eviction: assured shorthold tenancies, including eviction notices, Section 21, Section 8, accelerated possession, possession orders, bailiffs

  • Disagree with a tax decision

    What to do when you disagree with a tax decision - appealing against a decision, getting a review by HMRC and reasonable excuses

  • Respond to a court claim for money

    What happens if someone makes a money claim against you, saying you owe them money, and how you can respond or defend yourself

  • Private renting for tenants: evictions

    Landlords need to follow certain procedures when evicting tenants - find out about eviction notices, harassment and illegal evictions, and going to court

  • Appeal a sentence or conviction

    How to appeal a verdict by a magistrates' or Crown Court.

  • How sentences are worked out

    If you are found guilty of a crime, your sentence will depend on a number of factors, including the type, seriousness and circumstances of the crime.

  • Appeal to the tax tribunal

    Appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (Tax) against tax decisions: how to appeal, the hearing, if you lose your case

  • Apply for a transcript of a court or tribunal hearing

    How to get a transcript of a hearing: restrictions, how to apply, costs, complaints

  • Appeal against a penalty charge notice

    How to appeal against a parking ticket, bus lane fine or other penalty charge notice (PCN) - and what happens if you get a charge certificate or order of recovery

  • Being taken to an employment tribunal

    What to do if you're an employer who has been taken to an employment tribunal.

  • Apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate

    Apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate to legally change your gender

  • Solve a residential property dispute

    Apply to the tribunal about a rent increase decision, changes to a lease or a decision about a council house, park home or caravan, in England

  • Form N161: Give details of your appeal to the court

    Use this form ('appellant’s notice') for all appeals and permissions to appeal (except for small-claims track appeals and appeals to the Family Division of the High Court).