Submit your appeal

You can appeal a decision about your entitlement to benefits, for example Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Universal Credit.

You must ask for the decision about your benefits to be looked at again before you can appeal, unless your decision letter says you do not need a ‘mandatory reconsideration’.

You’ll need:

  • your National Insurance number
  • the details of the representative helping with your appeal (if you’re using one)
  • your mandatory reconsideration notice - you get this after you ask for the benefit decision to be looked at again

If you do not need a mandatory reconsideration your decision letter will say why. Include this explanation when you submit your appeal.

You’ll need to choose whether you want to go to the tribunal hearing to explain your appeal in person. If you do not attend, your appeal will be decided on your appeal form and any supporting evidence you provide.

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Continue with an existing appeal

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If you need help appealing online

Who you contact depends on the type of help you need.

If you’re having technical issues or need guidance about how to appeal

You can use the web chat in the service to get help.

You can only access the web chat if you’re using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

If you cannot access the web chat, contact the benefit appeals helpline listed at the end of this page.

If you do not have access to the internet or do not feel confident using it

We Are Group
Telephone: 03300 160 051
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
Closed on bank holidays
Text FORM to 60777 and someone will call you back
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Appealing by post

Use form SSCS1 to appeal a benefits decision by post, except if it’s related to a Vaccine Damage Payment.

Use form SSCS2 to appeal a Child Maintenance decision by post. You cannot appeal a Child Maintenance decision online.

Use form SSCS5 to appeal an HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) decision by post. You cannot appeal an HMRC decision online.

Use form SSCS7 to appeal a decision about a Vaccine Damage Payment by post.

Appoint someone to help with your appeal

You can appoint someone as a ‘representative’ to help you with your appeal. A representative can:

  • help you submit your appeal or prepare your evidence
  • act on your behalf
  • give you advice

Anyone can be a representative, including friends and family.

You might also be able to find a representative through a local library or from an organisation in your area that gives advice on claiming benefits, such as Citizens Advice.

Your representative will have permission to act on your behalf, for example to respond to letters. They’ll be sent all the information about your appeal, including any medical evidence.

To register a representative, you can either:

  • name your representative when you submit your appeal
  • register a representative at any point after you submit your appeal

Write to HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) Benefit Appeals to register a representative after you submit your appeal.

If you live in England or Wales, write to:

HMCTS Benefit Appeals
PO Box 12626
CM20 9QF

If you live in Scotland, write to:

HMCTS Benefit Appeals
PO Box 13150
CM20 9TT

Contact the benefit appeals helpline

The helpline can help if you have questions about appealing a benefit decision.

Benefit appeals helpline (England and Wales)
Telephone: 0300 123 1142
Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
Find out about call charges\

Benefit appeals helpline (for Welsh speakers)
Telephone: 0300 303 5170
Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm
Find out about call charges

Benefit appeals helpline (Scotland)
Telephone: 0300 790 6234
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm
Find out about call charges  

  1. Step 1 Find support and advice

  2. Step 2 Ask for mandatory reconsideration

    1. Ask for the benefits decision to be looked at again (mandatory reconsideration)

    You normally need to do this within one month of the date on your decision letter.

  3. Step 3 Appeal the decision to a tribunal

    If you’re unhappy with the decision after mandatory reconsideration, you can appeal it to a tribunal.

    1. Appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal
  4. Step 4 Ask for the tribunal's decision to be 'set aside' (cancelled)

    If you disagree with the decision, you can ask for it to be set aside (cancelled). The decision letter from the tribunal will tell you how to do this.

  5. or Appeal the tribunal's decision

    If you think the decision was wrong for a legal reason, you can appeal to the Upper Tribunal.

    1. Appeal to the Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber)