When you can appeal

Appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal if you disagree with a decision your local authority has made about a child or young person’s education, health and care (EHC) needs or plan.

You can appeal if you do not agree with the EHC plan your local authority has made, or if they:

  • refuse to carry out an EHC assessment or reassessment
  • refuse to create an EHC plan after carrying out an assessment or reassessment
  • refuse to change the sections of an existing EHC plan which are about education (sections B, F and I)
  • decide you or your child does not need an EHC plan any more

The process is different if you’re in Wales.

Who can appeal

In most cases, you must talk to a mediation adviser before you appeal.

You can appeal as either:

Help you can get

Check if you can get legal aid.

You can also get free help and advice from: