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Department for Education (DfE)

  1. Area review: end of programme report

    A record of the implementation of the post-16 education and training sector area reviews.

  2. The impact of college mergers in further education

    This report provides a quantitative assessment of the impact of college mergers on improving college performance.

  3. Further education sector reform case studies: area reviews

    Research into the further education area reviews that took place between 2015 and 2017.

  4. Exploring teaching assistants’ appetite to become teachers

    Research investigating teaching assistants' perceptions of teaching as a career.

  5. Survey of school business professionals

    Findings from an online survey of school business professionals in schools and trusts.

  6. Maintained nursery schools: contribution to early years provision

    Research on how local-authority-maintained nursery schools compare to other early years providers.

  7. Early years providers cost study: 2018

    Research into the costs and funding of early education and childcare.

  8. Longitudinal study of local authority social workers

    Findings from a 5 year study of local authority child and family social workers in England.

  9. Asbestos data collections

    Findings from the asbestos management assurance process (AMAP), which asked schools and responsible bodies about their asbestos management practices.

  10. Blackpool children's services: commissioner's report

    An independent report and recommendations from the Commissioner for Children’s Services in Blackpool.

  11. School Teachers’ Review Body 29th report: 2019

    Recommendations from the School Teachers’ Review Body on teachers’ pay

  12. Evaluation of regional adoption agencies

    Research from the 3-year evaluation of regional adoption agencies.

  13. Adoption support fund: long-term follow-up

    Report evaluating the long-term effect of the adoption support fund's funding of adoptive families’ access to therapy.

  14. Labour market information (LMI) for All 2017 to 2018

    A review of the LMI for All service that brings reliable labour market information together in one place.

  15. School improvement systems in high-performing countries

    A review of the practices and processes used by 5 countries with high-performing school systems.

  16. Small-scale research projects: summaries

    Brief outlines of projects commissioned through the DfE analytical associate pool.

  17. Cost and outreach pilot evaluation: interim findings

    Interim findings from the evaluation of the cost and outreach pilots.

  18. School snapshot survey: winter 2018

    A summary of responses to questions asked in the winter 2018 school snapshot survey.

  19. Primary PE and sport premium survey

    Research into teachers' views on the use of the primary physical education (PE) and sport premium, and its impact in primary schools.

  20. Understanding child and adolescent wellbeing: a system map

    A report on the factors that influence children and young people's (CYP) wellbeing from the perspective of CYP practitioners.