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Do not meet others, even friends or family.

You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.

Research and statistics

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Department for Education (DfE)

  1. Apprenticeship evaluation 2018 to 2019: learner and employer surveys

    Results from the 2018 to 2019 survey into the views and experiences of employers and learners involved in apprenticeships.

  2. Teachers in primary and secondary schools: TALIS 2018

    The views and practices of primary and lower secondary teachers and their headteachers in England, compared with other countries.

  3. Northamptonshire children’s services: commissioners’ report

    An independent report by the Children’s Services Commissioners in Northamptonshire.

  4. Analysis of serious case reviews: 2014 to 2017

    Research report analysing 368 serious case reviews (SCRs) with findings for professionals working with children and families.

  5. Evaluation of adoption support fund: LA and provider experiences

    Report on the findings from the evaluation of the adoption support fund (ASF) on local authority and provider experiences.

  6. Undergraduate degrees: lifetime labour market returns

    Analysis of the estimated lifetime earnings return to undergraduate degrees by subject and institution type.

  7. Approaches to Supported Internship delivery

    Qualitative research on the delivery of supported internships in England.

  8. Use of Keeping children safe in education part 4 guidance

    A review of how schools and colleges are using part 4 of the guidance.

  9. Childcare and early years survey of parents 2018: follow-up survey report

    The main findings from a follow-up survey with respondents to the 2018 Childcare and early years survey of parents (CEYSP).

  10. Financial returns to early education spending

    Research estimating the financial returns of early education as part of the study of early education and development (SEED).

  11. Early education and outcomes to age 5

    Research into the impact of early education at ages 2 to 5 on child outcomes at the start of school, and the importance of the early years home environment.

  12. Use of unregulated and unregistered provision for children in care

    Research to understand the increase in use of unregulated and unregistered provision for children in care and care leavers, and concerns about quality.

  13. Costs and cost drivers in the further education sector

    Research into the cost and income when providing further education.

  14. Peer support for mental health pilots: an evaluation

    Findings from a mixed method evaluation of peer support for mental health pilots.

  15. Labour market and skills projections: 2017 to 2027

    Working Futures labour market and skills projections for the period 2017 to 2027.

  16. National Colleges process evaluation

    Research report evaluating the initial phase of the National College programme delivery.

  17. Attitudes to education and children’s services

    British public attitudes to education and children’s services: part of NatCen’s British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey.

  18. Developing and enhancing a labour market information database: LMI for All

    An overview of the stakeholder engagement and usage, data and technical developments over the course of the 2018 to 2019 phase of the LMI for All contract.

  19. How schools manage capital and revenue spending

    Findings from research with schools on capital spending and potential interactions with revenue spending.

  20. Period product scheme: the learner perspective

    Findings from research with learners regarding the period product scheme.