You can make a SORN online if you’re registered as the vehicle’s keeper. You’ll need the reference number on your V5C registration certificate, V11 or V85/1 reminder form.

You must apply by post if you’re recently registered as the keeper or not yet registered.

What you need to know

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When you need to make a SORN

Your vehicle must be taxed and insured unless you surrender your tax disc to make a SORN.

You can apply by post for a tax disc refund and make a SORN at the same time using form V14.

You don’t have to buy a tax disc if you don’t use or keep your vehicle on a public road (eg you keep it in a garage, on a drive or on private land). You must make a SORN instead. Your SORN is valid until your vehicle is taxed, sold or scrapped.

Your vehicle must be in and remain in Great Britain for your SORN to be valid.

You must make a new SORN straight away if you buy a vehicle that already has a SORN from its previous keeper.

You can check a vehicle’s SORN status online.

You’ll need to get a tax disc if you want to use the vehicle again on the road.

You can only drive an untaxed vehicle on a public road if you’re driving it to or from a licensed station for a pre-arranged MOT, vehicle identity check, or weight or emissions test.


You’ll automatically be fined £80, will need to get a new tax disc and must pay any tax arrears if you don’t make a SORN when you have to.

You could also get a County Court Judgement against you, be fined a minimum of £1,000 and be liable to prosecution.

Motor traders

You don’t need to make a SORN on a vehicle if you’re a motor trader or vehicle tester and all the following apply:

  • it’s only temporarily in your possession (until you sell it)
  • it’s being kept at your business premises
  • the registered keeper has notified DVLA that the vehicle has been sold or transferred to you

You count as a motor trader if you’re a:

  • motor dealer
  • motor auctioneer
  • vehicle dismantler
  • vehicle insurer looking after a vehicle while a claim is being settled
  • finance company licensed to temporarily hold a vehicle following an order for repossession

By phone

Call 0300 123 4321 to apply for a SORN by phone.

By post

Send your SORN application (form V890) to DVLA. You can make a SORN up to 2 calendar months in advance by post, but if you’re doing it this far in advance include a letter explaining why.

SA99 1AR

You must make a SORN by post if you’re:

  • recently registered as the vehicle’s keeper and have received the V5C registration certificate in the current month
  • not yet registered as the vehicle’s keeper - in this case you can send your SORN application (form V890) along with your registration application

Get a tax disc refund

You can also make a SORN by post using form V14 if you want to return your current tax disc for a refund at the same time.

Your SORN won’t be valid if your motor insurance is cancelled or has expired and you don’t return your tax disc.

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