Get a vehicle log book (V5C)

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Get a duplicate log book

You need to get a log book (V5C) if the original has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed by you or your insurance company.

You can get a duplicate log book online if you do not need to change anything in the log book. The log book will be posted to the address which the DVLA has on record.

This service is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

There are other ways to get a log book if:

  • your name or address have changed
  • the vehicle details have changed
  • you’ve bought, sold or transferred a vehicle
  • you did not get a log book with your new vehicle

Apply for a duplicate log book online

You must be the registered keeper on the log book to apply online.

You should receive your log book within 5 working days.

When you cannot use this service

You cannot use this service if:

  • you need to change any of your details
  • you do not have the vehicle in your possession
  • you’ve already sent your log book (V5C) to the DVLA for changes to be made
  • your vehicle is registered as part of the DVLA fleet scheme
  • your vehicle is registered abroad, including the Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey), Isle of Man or Ireland

What it costs

The service usually costs £25. You can pay by credit or debit card.

You cannot get a refund once you’ve used the service (for example if you later find your log book).

Apply online

You will need the:

  • registration number of the vehicle
  • VIN/chassis number of your vehicle
  • name and postcode registered on your log book

Start now

Apply by phone

Waiting times are currently longer if you apply by phone. This is because of coronavirus (COVID-19).

You can apply by phone if you’re the registered keeper on the log book that’s gone missing or is damaged.

You can only apply by phone if none of your or your vehicle’s details have changed.

You should receive your log book within 6 weeks if you apply this way.