1. Changes you'll need to update

You must update your registration certificate (V5C) if there are any mistakes on it, or if you make any of the following changes to your vehicle:

  • colour
  • engine
  • cylinder capacity (cc)
  • fuel type
  • replace or modify the chassis or bodyshell
  • seating capacity
  • weight of a goods vehicle
  • tax class changed to ‘disabled’

You must send your updated certificate to DVLA with any necessary evidence.

Changes that may need to be inspected

Your vehicle may have to be inspected after reporting any of the following changes:

  • wheel plan
  • body type (DVLA give a body type description based on the vehicle’s external appearance)
  • vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • chassis number
  • frame number for motorbikes

DVLA will tell you if your vehicle needs an inspection.