2. What evidence to give

You might need to give DVLA evidence or written confirmation of the changes to your vehicle.

Engine number or cylinder capacity (cc)

You’ll need to provide either:

  • a receipt for the replacement engine
  • written evidence from the manufacturer
  • an inspection report provided for insurance purposes
  • written confirmation on headed paper from a garage (if the change took place before you bought the vehicle)

Fuel type

You’ll need to provide evidence if:

  • your existing engine is converted – the confirmation must be on headed paper from the garage that did the work
  • a new engine is fitted – provide the receipt as confirmation

Weight of a larger vehicle

If you change the weight of a large vehicle (eg a camper van), you’ll need to provide either:

  • a plating certificate
  • a design weight certificate

Change of tax class

You can request a change of tax class at any Post Office that deals with vehicle tax. The Post Office can tell you which tax class your vehicle can have.

The Post Office will send your V5C or V62 to DVLA, who will send you an updated V5C.

You must apply with:

You can get an exemption or a reduction in vehicle tax if you get: