Use this service to tell DVLA you’re taking your vehicle off the road - this is sometimes called a ‘Statutory Off Road Notification’ (SORN).

This page is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

Do this if you’re keeping the vehicle:

  • in a garage
  • on a drive
  • on private land

You won’t have to pay vehicle tax, but you can’t use the vehicle on the road until you tax it again.

You need either:

  • the 16 digit number on your vehicle tax reminder letter (V11) - you can only use this number once
  • the 11 digit number on your vehicle log book (V5C)

Start now

Other ways to apply

You can still drive the vehicle to a pre-booked MOT appointment while it’s off the road.

By phone

DVLA vehicle service
Telephone: 0300 123 4321
24-hour service
Find out about call charges

By post

Send an application form (V890) to DVLA.

If your address is wrong on your log book (V5C) fill in the changes section on the log book and send it with form V890.

If you’re going abroad and leaving your car in the UK you can do it up to 2 calendar months in advance by post. Include a letter explaining why.

SA99 1AR

You must do it by post if you’re not yet registered as the vehicle’s keeper.

If the vehicle isn’t registered in your name

Fill in the appropriate part of the log book (V5C) and send it with the application form.

If you don’t have a log book

Fill in an application for a log book (V62) and send it with your application to register the vehicle off the road. You need to include the fee of £25.