Register your vehicle as off the road (SORN)

Tell DVLA you’re taking your vehicle off the road, for example if you’re keeping it in a garage. This is sometimes called a ‘Statutory Off Road Notification’ (SORN).

This page is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

You’ll get a refund for any full months of remaining tax. You cannot use the vehicle on the road until you tax it again.

You do not need to make a SORN for a vehicle you’ve already sold. Tell DVLA you’ve sold a vehicle instead.

If you pay the heavy goods vehicle (HGV) levy, read the guidance about the levy suspension before you make a SORN.

Choose when it starts


Use the 11-digit number on your vehicle log book (V5C) to take the vehicle off the road immediately.

On the first day of next month

Use the 16-digit number on your vehicle tax reminder letter (V11) to take the vehicle off the road from the first day of next month. You can only use this number once.

Apply online

If the vehicle is not registered in your name you’ll have to tell DVLA it’s off the road by post.

Start now

Before you start

If your address is wrong on your log book (V5C)

Change your address online, then register your vehicle as off the road.

You can also update your address by post. Write your new address in:

  • section 3 if you have a new style log book (with multi-coloured numbered blocks on the front cover)
  • section 6 if you have the older style log book

Send a filled in V890 form with your log book to DVLA.

If the vehicle is not registered in your name

Fill in the appropriate part of the log book and send it with a filled in V890 form.

If you do not have a log book

Fill in and send an application for a log book (V62) and V890 form to DVLA - a new log book costs £25.

You can get a duplicate log book (V5C) if your original one is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Other ways to apply

By phone

DVLA vehicle service
Telephone: 0300 123 4321
24-hour service
Find out about call charges

By post

Send an application form (V890) to DVLA.

Include the day you want to take your vehicle off the road. It can be any day either:

  • this month
  • next month or the month after - include a letter saying why you cannot send the form nearer the time

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