Get an HMRC agent services account

Find out when and how to set up an agent services account to use new HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) online services on behalf of your clients.

What the account does

As a professional tax agent firm you need an agent services account to access new HMRC online services and use software to communicate directly with HMRC.

You can use it to act on behalf of your clients and:

This list will be updated as more online services become available.

How to set up an account

To set up an account as an agent you need to log in to the Government Gateway using any of the credentials you currently use to access other HMRC online services for agents.

You need to be the person responsible for your agent firm’s tax or administrative matters. The account gives you administrative control over your agent firm accessing new HMRC services online.

You’ll need:

  • your agent firm’s Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) or Corporation Tax reference
  • the postcode associated with that reference

You’ll get a new agent Government Gateway ID when you set up an agent services account. You’ll need this ID to access new online services even if you already use a different one for other activities.

Add clients to your agent services account

Once you’ve set up your account you can then add your clients.

To do this:

  • add each of your agent Government Gateway IDs to the account - this will include all your existing clients connected with each ID
  • invite additional clients one by one - this will include new clients, and existing clients who’ve not yet signed up to use an HMRC online service

You may need to do both of these, depending on your clients’ choices.

When to use your agent services account

Use your agent services account to access new HMRC online services.

Continue to use your other Government Gateway IDs to:

  • access other HMRC online services (which aren’t covered by the agent services account)
  • use the agent services dashboard (previously known as Agent Online Self Service)
Published 15 March 2018