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We develop and maintain the important and long-standing relationship between the UK and Macedonia. Our work ranges across a diverse range of political, commercial, security and economic activity. We support Macedonia in its reform process working with civil society and others on issues such as good governance, diversity and social cohesion, freedom of expression and information, judiciary, socio-economic development and security sector reform. We will continue to support the Macedonian public’s wish to see their country join the European Union and NATO. Our defence section works on enhancing the bilateral cooperation between UK and Macedonia, helping defence reform and supporting Macedonia on its path to Nato integration. We support British businesses operating in Macedonia in a number of ways including the British Business Forum.


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British Embassy Skopje

We develop and maintain relations between the UK and Macedonia. Our work covers a range of issues including economic reform.

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British Embassy Skopje

Todor Aleksandrov No.165
Skopje 1000

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