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  1. Compliance checks: penalties for inaccuracies in returns or documents - CC/FS7a

  2. Automatic enrolment review 2017: analytical report

  3. Automatic enrolment evaluation strategy 2017

  4. Compliance checks: penalties for not telling HMRC about an under-assessment - CC/FS7b

  5. UK-China 9th Economic and Financial Dialogue: policy outcomes

    • HMT
    • Policy paper
  6. Open general export licence (export after exhibition: dual-use items)

  7. Notice to exporters 2017/29: 9 open licences amended - confirmation

    • ECJU and DIT
    • Notice
  8. Open general export licence (cryptographic development)

  9. Open general export licence (export after repair/replacement under warranty: dual-use items)

  10. Open general export licence (export for repair/replacement under warranty: dual-use items)

  11. Open general export licence (low value shipments)

  12. Open general export licence (technology for dual-use items)

  13. Open general export licence (Turkey)

  14. Open general export licence (oil and gas exploration: dual-use items)

  15. Open general export licence (dual-use items: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)

  16. Health Protection Report volume 11 (2017)

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  17. Pertussis: laboratory confirmed cases reported in England 2017

  18. Industry Security Notice (ISN)

  19. Meningococcal disease: laboratory confirmed cases in England

  20. Uncommon pathogens involved in bacteraemia and fungaemia in EWNI

  21. Otterburn firing times

  22. Whittington ranges firing times

  23. Kingsbury ranges firing times

  24. UK air and space doctrine (JDP 0-30)

  25. Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) firing times

  26. Castlemartin firing notice

  27. Sennybridge firing notice

  28. Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF)

  29. QuantiFERON®-TB Gold test request form

  30. Mycobacterium tuberculosis molecular epidemiology request form

  31. NMRS fastrack request form

  32. Mycobacterium referral form

  33. Corporate tax and the digital economy: position paper

    • HMT
    • Open consultation
  34. QuantiFERON®: test guidelines and order form

  35. National mycobacterium reference laboratory: user manual

    • PHE
    • Guidance
  36. LA and school expenditure: 2016 to 2017 financial year

  37. PPRS: quarterly net sales and payment information

    • DH
    • Transparency data
  38. PPRS: payment percentage 2018

    • DH
    • Guidance
  39. Unique pupil numbers

    • DfE
    • Guidance
  40. Papers for the board’s July 2017 meeting

    • Ofqual
    • Transparency data