Allied Joint Doctrine for medical support

Focuses on the fundamental principles of medical support to operations.


Allied Joint Doctrine for Medical Support


Allied Joint Publication-4.10 builds on the key themes set out in AJP-01(D) Allied Joint Doctrine and provides an authoritative basis for medical support to NATO operations.

It has been formally adopted by UK, in accordance with direction issued by Chief of Defence Staff and the Permanent Under Secretary for Defence. It replaces JDP-4-03 Joint Medical Doctrine.

This publication sets out the fundamental principles required to plan and conduct medical support to NATO operations in all its aspects. Medical support remains a national responsibility, but in practise NATO commanders have come to share this responsibility during recent operations. This brings with it a range of additional responsibilities ranging from the treatment of casualties in different operating environments to the implementation of force health protection measures, interactions with civil organizations providing health services to affected populations, and the increased public expectations of high quality outcomes in the treatment of casualties.

NATO medical support doctrine is deliberately written to allow considerable flexibility in its application. It does not deliberately reflect or exclude any particular nation’s approach to medical support. It does, however, constitute a basic framework upon which to base alliance operational medical support should be based. Fundamentally, it encourages close cooperation to be undertaken between member Nations, even if some differences in national doctrines exist.

Published 28 July 2015
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