Information advantage (JCN 2/18)

The challenges and opportunities associated with information in a hyper-connected world and the concept of information advantage.



Joint Concept Note (JCN) 2/18, information advantage, explains why information advantage must be at the heart of how defence operates if we are to enable credible military options and political utility, regain and maintain initiative, and achieve influence in a more complex and competitive world.

We live in a data rich information age in which the combined power of exponential growth in computer capability, data, and digital connectivity is fundamentally shaping almost every facet of modern life. Information, in all its manifestations, must change the way we execute business and prosecute warfare, both at home and overseas in an era of constant competition.

Information is no longer just an enabler, it is a fully fledged lever of power, a critical enabler to understanding, decision making and tempo, and a means of achieving potentially decisive influence.

To regain the initiative and achieve information advantage we must rapidly up our digital game, fundamentally shift the way we think, act, invest, and move with pace through the incremental development of new capabilities. defence, as part of a national and allied effort, must become a potent and resilient strategic actor; postured for constant competition both home and away. This requires a cultural transformation and a conceptual foundation that puts information advantage at the heart of 21st century deterrence and campaign design.

Published 18 September 2018
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