Allied joint doctrine for the conduct of the Joint Logistic Support Group (AJP-4.6(C))

This Allied Joint Publication explains the conduct of the Joint Logistic Support Group on joint operations from preparation to termination.



Allied Joint Publication (AJP) 4.6(C) provides operational level guidance for joint commanders and their staffs on the common framework for the command, responsibilities and coordination of Joint Logistic Support Group (JLSG).

The JLSG is a joint, force generated, deployable logistic capability which, when activated, will provide the tactical-level executive for command and control of Commander Joint Task Force’s assigned forces for the delivery of the joint logistic support network. AJP 4.6(C) explains the operating principles, force generation fundamentals, command relationships and conduct of the JLSG.

It also provides a useful framework for operations conducted by a coalition of NATO members, partners and on-NATO nations as well as a reference for NATO civilian and non-NATO civilian actors.

Published 7 February 2019