Allied Joint Doctrine (AJP-01)

Allied Joint Publication-01 provides capstone doctrine for Allied joint operations.



Allied Joint Publication (AJP)-01, Allied Joint Doctrine (Edition F Version 1) is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) capstone doctrine for Allied joint operations and activities. It explains the strategic context for such operations and focuses on the fundamentals of joint operations and activities.

AJP-01 provides commanders and their staff with a common framework for understanding the approach to employing the military instrument of power. It does this by explaining the fundamentals and principles, and it is the basis from which all subordinate NATO doctrine is derived.

This edition is published with UK national elements.

Who should read this publication

AJP-01 is intended as guidance for NATO commanders and their staff. It describes the strategic context and provides guidance on how Alliance forces and its partners operate. It also provides a reference for NATO civilians and non-NATO civilians operating with the Alliance.

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Published 1 December 2010
Last updated 9 March 2023 + show all updates
  1. Updated with new edition to include UK elements.

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