Joint theatre entry (JDN 1/17)

JDN 1/17 describes the framework by which the UK will conduct joint theatre entry (JTE) at the operational level.


Joint Doctrine Note 1/17: joint theatre entry


The JDN is designed to encourage dialogue, discussion and debate. The JDN is authoritative doctrine as it is based on current practice and established doctrine but is not ratified.

The JDN comprises 5 chapters and 2 annexes:

  • Chapter 1 defines and states the purpose of JTE against the backdrop of the contemporary and future operating environments, along with the UK’s approach to intervention operations
  • Chapter 2 describes the force generation process, preparation, training and deployment of a force assigned a JTE mission
  • Chapter 3: provides guidance on the conduct of manoeuvre activities for an entry operation
  • Chapter 4 provides guidance on establishing a lodgement and protecting it
  • Chapter 5 identifies command and control and inform requirements for a joint theatre entry operation

This JDN has been written primarily for: joint staffs; officials; allies, and partners in industry, to provide a concise explanation of traditional JTE might be conducted. This publication will be reviewed in 2019 to include JTE across all 5 domains, following any lessons identified from joint exercises.

Published 18 December 2017