Allied joint doctrine for psychological operations (AJP-3.10.1)

This Allied Joint Publication outlines NATO psychological operations, focusing on its planning and execution when supporting its activities.



AJP-3.10.1 Allied joint doctrine for psychological operations outlines NATO psychological operations (PSYOPS), focusing on its planning and execution when supporting NATO activities.

It serves to highlight its role as a main element of a commander’s campaign plan and wider information strategy. AJP-3.10.1 details PSYOPS relationship with other capabilities and functions, most particularly information operations (Info Ops). Info Ops is focused on affecting will, understanding and capability through military information activities.

It must be noted that PSYOPS has influence activity as its main purpose. By influencing approved target audiences directly, PSYOPS, has a direct effect on both understanding and will, together with an indirect effect on capability.

AJP-3.10.1 focuses primarily on the operational level, but may be used as a reference at all levels. It is intended principally for use by a joint force commander (JFC), his chief of staff, and those of his staff with PSYOPS responsibilities. It also addresses the roles, responsibilities, links, and required products from the strategic, operational and tactical commands. It is deliberately broad and is designed to guide all PSYOPS forces supporting NATO operations and those participating in NATO led operations.

The guidance in this publication is authoritative, and as such will be followed in NATO led operations except when, in the judgement of the commander,exceptional circumstances dictate otherwise.

Published 24 June 2015
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