Allied joint doctrine for force protection (AJP-3.14)

Provides the framework for the comprehensive protection of personnel, assets, and capabilities.



AJP-3.14 describes the fundamental aspects of force protection and provides guidance on its planning and implementation, primarily at the joint operational level. It addresses those capabilities that are deemed fundamental or core FP considerations, as well as other common measures within the force protection spectrum.

Force protection activity should enable freedom of action in spite of the presence of threats in the area of operations. It is this dynamic and co-dependent relationship that requires force protection to be considered at the outset of the planning process.

AJP-3.14 is the cornerstone of NATO force protection doctrine that is essential to the protection of personnel, facilities, materiel, operations, activities, and information, wherever NATO led forces may be employed. In the context of this publication, force protection as one of the joint functions covers all aspects of protecting the joint force.

Published 19 August 2015