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  1. Pakistan: country information and guidance

  2. The Social Security (Electronic Communications) Directions

    • DWP
    • Guidance
  3. Flexibly accessed pension payment: repayment claim (tax year 2015 to 2016) (P55)

  4. Income Tax: repayment claim when small pension taken as a lump sum (P53)

  5. Income Tax: claim for repayment of tax when you've stopped working and flexibly accessed your pension

    • HMRC
    • Form
  6. National Insurance: application for refund of Class 4 National Insurance contributions (CA5610)

  7. Self Assessment: claim to reduce payments on account (SA303)

  8. National Insurance: application for deferment of payment of Class 1 National Insurance contributions (CA72A)

  9. National Insurance: working in 2 or more countries in the European Economic Area (CA8421i)

  10. FOI responses published by MOD: week commencing 30 November 2015

  11. Income Tax: claiming tax back when you have stopped working (P50).

  12. Income Tax: leaving the UK - getting your tax right (P85)

  13. Child Benefit: general enquiry

  14. Child Benefit: change of family circumstances

  15. Pertussis immunisation in pregnancy: vaccine coverage estimates (England)

  16. National Insurance: application for a refund of Class 2 National Insurance contributions (CA8480)

  17. Child Benefit: apply for extension (CH299)

  18. Child Benefit: child continuing in approved education or training (CH297)

  19. New school proposals

  20. Child Benefit: child left approved education or training (CH459)

  21. Safety alerts 2015

  22. Dartmoor firing times

  23. The white book for foreign service advisers and defence attachés

    • MOD
    • Guidance
  24. Removal of dead or stranded animals below the high water mark

    • MMO
    • Statutory guidance
  25. DCMS – Disclosure of Senior and Junior Salaries and Production of Organogram – 31st March 2015

    • DCMS and GEO
    • Transparency data
  26. EU Broadband Cost Reduction Directive

    • DCMS
    • Open consultation
  27. SP6 3HA, Mr Kelvin Earth: environmental permit application advertisement

  28. Academy sponsor contact list

  29. Open academies and academy projects in development

    • DfE
    • Transparency data
  30. Legal aid crime tender 2015

    • LAA
    • Guidance
  31. Weekly water levels: Hampshire, West Sussex and Isle of Wight

  32. Limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and qualifying partnerships: deregulatory changes

    • BIS
    • Open consultation
  33. Guidance for examiners carrying out motorcycle trainer standards checks

    • DVSA
    • Guidance
  34. Motorcycle trainer standards check form

    • DVSA
    • Form
  35. Vaccine update: issue 237, December 2015

    • PHE
    • Correspondence
    • Part of a collection: Vaccine update
  36. Private medical or health insurance: Monitor staff

    • Monitor
    • FOI release
  37. Disability and domestic abuse: risk, impacts and response

    • PHE
    • Guidance
  38. Rapid response vehicles for medical purposes: charities grant scheme

    • CO
    • Form
  39. BH24 3NL, Mrs Jennifer Monger: environmental permit application advertisement

  40. IT Health Check (ITHC): supporting guidance

    • CO
    • Guidance