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  1. Artificial Intelligence Sector Deal

  2. Focus on insider fraud in charities

    • Charity Commission
    • Research and analysis
  3. Building safety: Independent Expert Advisory Panel’s statement on BS8414 test

  4. Replace a certificate for a vehicle to carry dangerous goods by road

  5. Government amendments to Clause 11 of the EU Withdrawal Bill

  6. Legionella molecular scheme: recent reports

  7. Terms of Reference - UKCT Camera de Comercio Colombo Britanica

    • FCO and DIT
    • Guidance
  8. Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) Sub-metering Systems Checklist and Statement template

    • BEIS
    • Guidance
  9. Apply to vote by proxy if you're a Crown Servant or British Council Employee

  10. Apply to vote by proxy at a particular election or referendum

  11. Apply to vote by proxy due to attendance on an educational course

  12. Apply to vote by proxy if you're living overseas

  13. Apply to vote by proxy due to employment

  14. Apply to vote by proxy if you're in the armed forces

  15. Apply to vote by proxy due to a disability

  16. Defra spend on social media

    • Defra
    • FOI release
  17. Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) brokerage results

    • BEIS
    • Research and analysis
  18. Independent inquiry into child sexual abuse: interim report

    • Home Office
    • Independent report
  19. Funding allocations to training providers: 2017 to 2018

    • ESFA
    • Transparency data
  20. Initial teacher training: public relations

  21. ESFA update: April 2018

    • ESFA
    • Correspondence
  22. European Structural and Investment Funds full application

    • MHCLG, DWP and BEIS
    • Guidance
  23. Undocumented Commonwealth citizens resident in the UK

  24. Non-melanoma skin cancer and occupational exposure to (natural) UV radiation: IIAC information note

    • DWP and IIAC
    • Independent report
  25. Notice to exporters 2018/10: HMRC prosecutes company for unlicensed exports

    • ECJU and DIT
    • Notice
  26. ESF action notes: 2014 to 2020 programme

    • MHCLG, DWP and BEIS
    • Guidance
  27. Effort statistics March 2018

  28. CAC Outcome: URTU & Poundstretcher Limited

  29. Water levels: weekly reports for Hampshire, West Sussex and Isle of Wight

  30. Compliance checks: tax avoidance schemes – penalties for partnership follower notices CC/FS30b

  31. CAC Outcome: GMB and TRS Cash & Carry Limited

  32. Transit Manual Supplement

    • HMRC
    • Guidance
  33. Standard civil contract 2010

  34. Standard civil contract 2013

  35. Standard civil contract (welfare benefits) 2013

  36. Standard civil contract 2014

  37. Standard Civil Contract 2015

  38. Standard Civil Contract (Welfare Benefits) 2016

  39. Civil legal advice contract 2013

  40. HAIRS risk assessment: Chikungunya virus