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  1. Inherited metabolic diseases: affected not detected form

  2. Inherited metabolic diseases: PKU not suspected, further investigation required

  3. Inherited metabolic diseases: suspected condition template GP letter

  4. Inherited metabolic diseases: confirmed diagnosis template GP letter

  5. CAC Outcome: Antalis

  6. Inherited metabolic diseases: presumptive positive template letter

  7. Inherited metabolic diseases: baby screened positive, hospital template letter

  8. Safe supplies: annual review

  9. Immunoglobulin: when to use

  10. Qatar – Police Clearance Procedure

  11. Childcare Service compensation

    • HMRC
    • Form
  12. DH non-executive appointments

    • DH
    • Guidance
  13. Legalisation of UK documents for use in the State of Qatar

    • FCO
    • Guidance
  14. Tax avoidance litigation decisions

    • HMRC
    • Corporate report
  15. In-service testing handbook for gas and electricity meters

    • Regulatory Delivery
    • Guidance
  16. Confidentiality and access to documents - position paper

  17. Continuity in the availability of goods for the EU and the UK - position paper

  18. Recreational and surface water scheme: recent reports

  19. Legionella scheme: recent reports

  20. Childhood Flu Vaccination Programme in primary school age children

  21. Functional review of bodies providing expert advice to government

    • Cabinet Office
    • Policy paper
  22. Drinking water scheme: recent reports

  23. Freight facility access contracts: altered general approval and guidance

    • ORR
    • Open consultation
  24. Northern Ireland (NI) transfer of rail operator penalising: changes to regulation guidance and economic enforcement policy

    • ORR
    • Open consultation
  25. Leicester Flood Risk Management Strategy

    • EA
    • Open consultation
  26. Funding guidance for young people: ILR funding returns

    • EFA and ESFA
    • Guidance
  27. HM Land Registry workforce management information: July 2017

  28. List of upcoming ad hoc statistical releases

  29. Advice for decision making: staff guide

    • DWP
    • Guidance
  30. Data Release Assurance Board minutes

    • PHE
    • Transparency data
  31. Unclaimed estates list

    • BVD and GLD
    • Statistical data set
  32. Notifiable diseases: causative agents report for 2017

  33. Marine Accident Investigation Branch: current investigations

    • MAIB
    • Corporate report
  34. Apprenticeship funding bands

  35. Mutuals Interim Support Fund

    • DCMS
    • Form
  36. Overseas Business Risk - Bosnia and Herzegovina

  37. Open academies and academy projects in development

    • DfE
    • Transparency data
  38. Self Assessment: service availability and issues

  39. HP18 0QF, TLT Services (UK) Limited: environmental permit application advertisement

    • EA
    • Notice
  40. Investment and risk monthly updates

    • GAD
    • Research and analysis