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  1. Unfair contract terms: evaluation of OFT consumer enforcement case

    • CMA
    • Research and analysis
  2. Temporary class drug order on methiopropamine

    • ACMD
    • Correspondence
  3. Decision makers’ guide: memos: staff guide

  4. Advice for decision making: staff guide

    • DWP
    • Guidance
  5. Gift Aid: schedule spreadsheets to claim back tax on donations

    • HMRC
    • Form
  6. LRS: information for learners and parents

    • SFA
    • Guidance
  7. DL2 1HW, Norwaste Group Limited: environmental permit application advertisement

    • EA
    • Notice
  8. Orphan works diligent search guidance for applicants

  9. Register of licensed sponsors: workers

  10. Apprenticeship training agencies

    • SFA
    • Guidance
  11. Register of licensed sponsors: students

  12. SFA register: support guide for the e-tendering portal

  13. Recruit an apprentice: creating and managing vacancies and applications

  14. Prison population figures: 2016

  15. Provisional Monthly Hospital Episode Statistics for Admitted Patient Care, Outpatient and Accident and Emergency data Apr 2016 - Jul 2016

    • NHS Digital
    • Official Statistics
  16. Pension schemes newsletter 81 - September 2016

  17. Provisional Accident and Emergency Quality Indicators for England Jun 2016, by provider

    • NHS Digital
    • Official Statistics
  18. List of upcoming ad hoc statistical releases

  19. Protocol for engagement with stakeholders with links to the tobacco industry

    • PHE
    • Notice
  20. Exploring Ofsted inspection data with Data View

    • Ofsted
    • Research and analysis
  21. Commodity prices

    • Defra
    • Statistical data set
    • Part of a collection: Commodity prices
  22. Cover of vaccination evaluated rapidly (COVER) programme 2016 to 2017: quarterly data

  23. Domestic RHI mechanism for budget management: estimated commitments

    • BEIS
    • Research and analysis
  24. RHI mechanism for budget management: estimated commitments

    • BEIS
    • Research and analysis
  25. Legionnaires’ disease in England and Wales: 2015

  26. Quality report: Personal Wealth statistics

  27. UK Personal Wealth Statistics: 2011 to 2013

  28. Personal Wealth Statistics and the Wealth and Assets Survey

  29. Table 13.12 Trust income: analysis by total investment income decile

  30. Table 13.10 Property, interest, dividends and other investment income: analysis by decile

  31. Table 13.11 Trust income

  32. Table 13.8 Identified personal wealth: analysis by decile

  33. Table 13.9 Property, interest, dividends and other investment income

  34. Table 13.7 Identified personal wealth: assets by year

  35. Table 13.4 Identified personal wealth: liquid wealth by age

  36. Table 13.5 Identified personal wealth: liquid wealth by gender

  37. Table 13.6: Identified personal wealth: number of estates in each asset band

  38. Table 13.3 Identified personal wealth: estate size by age and gender

  39. Personal pensions: estimate number of individuals contributing by country and region

  40. Table 13.1 Identified personal wealth: assets by range of estate