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  1. Electronic Data Capture Service (EDCS): service availability and issues

  2. Teacher misconduct: forthcoming professional conduct hearings

    • NCTL
    • Guidance
  3. Public health in prisons and other secure settings: contact PHE specialist leads

  4. Register of licensed sponsors: students

  5. Register of licensed sponsors: workers

  6. Countdown bulletin 25 - July 2017

    • HMRC
    • Guidance
  7. New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) Web: service availability and issues

  8. DE12 7DT, AB Produce plc: environmental permit issued (EPR/JP3532DH)

    • EA
    • Notice
  9. RH9 8LJ, Island Gas Limited: environmental permit application advertisement

    • EA
    • Notice
  10. National Export System (NES) email: service availability and issues

  11. PL17 8ER, JR Hatch and RR Hatch: environmental permit application advertisement

    • EA
    • Notice
  12. Criminal legal aid processing: applications and digital systems

    • LAA
    • Form
  13. Teacher misconduct panel outcome: Mr Paul Gibbinson

    • Decision
  14. Funding for innovative approaches to a low carbon built environment

    • BEIS
    • Form
  15. Madagascar – List of Lawyers

  16. HS2 Construction Commissioner's report 2

  17. HS2 Construction Commissioner's report 1

  18. HS2 Phase 2b safeguarding impact assessment

    • HS2 Ltd
    • Impact assessment
  19. HS2 contract opportunities

    • HS2 Ltd
    • Guidance
    • Part of a collection: HS2: business
  20. HS2 property schemes guidance

    • HS2 Ltd
    • Guidance
    • Part of a collection: HS2: property
  21. HS2 Phase One Planning Forum: Heritage Subgroup meeting resources 2017

  22. United Kingdom Hydrographic Office Annual Report 2016 to 2017

    • UKHO
    • Corporate report
  23. HS2 Phase One Planning Forum: Heritage Subgroup meeting minutes 2017

  24. Planning context reports for HS2 Phase One

    • HS2 Ltd
    • Policy paper
  25. A smart, flexible energy system: call for evidence

    • Ofgem and BEIS
    • Consultation outcome
  26. Upgrading our energy system: smart systems and flexibility plan

    • Ofgem and BEIS
    • Policy paper
  27. Customs Freight Simplified Procedures: service availability and issues

  28. DAO qualification handbooks: level 4 courses

  29. DAO qualification handbooks: level 3 courses

  30. CAC Outcome: GMB and M & A Pharmachem Ltd

  31. Dartmoor firing times

  32. Live attenuated influenza vaccine (Fluenz Tetra®) : patient group direction (PGD) template

  33. Inactivated influenza vaccine (Intanza®): patient group direction (PGD) template

  34. Intramuscular inactivated influenza vaccine: patient group direction (PGD) template

  35. Pathogenic vibrio scheme: recent reports

  36. Proposal on the provision of court and tribunal estate in England and Wales

    • MOJ
    • Consultation outcome
  37. MAA course dates information

  38. ILR data: check that it meets standards and quality requirements

  39. Accountable manager (military flying) AM(MF) course

  40. Give a statement of insolvency proceedings in another member state with consent to dissolution (IE04)

    • Companies House
    • Form