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  1. Information rights appeals: register of tribunal cases

    • HMCTS
    • Guidance
  2. Biodiversity plan and annual reports

    • Highways England
    • Corporate report
  3. Low-alcohol descriptors

    • DHSC
    • Guidance
  4. Minded to terminate letter to Sprites Primary Academy

  5. Information for Tenants

    • PCA
    • Guidance
  6. Pubs Code Consultation: Accounting for duty paid on alcohol and volumes of unsaleable draught products

    • PCA
    • Open consultation
  7. Use of closed material procedure report: 25 June 2017 to 24 June 2018

  8. Sponsorship: sporting code of practice

  9. Employer National Insurance contributions reliefs for apprentices under 25 and employees under 21

    • HMRC
    • Research and analysis
  10. ASC newsletter for AWERBs: issue 4

  11. Direction issued to Wakefield council

  12. Revised direction issued to Wakefield council

  13. Wakefield children's services: commissioner's report

    • DfE
    • Independent report
  14. Recreational and surface water scheme: recent reports

  15. Reviews of marking and moderation for GCSE, AS and A level: summer 2018 exam series

    • Ofqual
    • Official Statistics
  16. Children looked after in England including adoption: 2017 to 2018

  17. Approaches to assessment without levels in schools

    • DfE
    • Research and analysis
  18. Police recorded crime and outcomes open data tables

    • Home Office
    • Official Statistics
    • Part of a collection: Crime statistics
  19. Electric Chargepoint Analysis 2017: Local Authority Rapids (revised)

  20. Malpractice in GCSE, AS and A level: summer 2018 exam series

    • Ofqual
    • Official Statistics
  21. Latest cattle, sheep and pig slaughter statistics

  22. Latest agricultural price indices

  23. Historical statistics notices on the number of cattle, sheep and pigs slaughtered in the UK, 2018

  24. Historical statistics notices on agricultural price indices, 2018

  25. Live tables on planning application statistics

  26. Historical farm accounts in England

  27. Farm accounts in England

  28. Transport energy and environment statistics information

  29. Live tables on homelessness

  30. All vehicles (VEH01)

  31. Motorcycles (VEH03)

  32. Canal and River Trust (NPS/WR/029883): application made to abstract water

  33. Brian Hey, Mary Nilar Hey, Timothy Brian Hey, Sonia Romayne Poskitt and Stephen Guy Poskitt, trading as Hambleton Abstraction Partnership: application made to abstract water

  34. State-funded school inspections and outcomes: management information

  35. Cars (VEH02)

  36. Vehicles statistics information

  37. User guide to legal aid statistics in England and Wales

  38. Statutory homelessness in England: April to June 2018

  39. Road congestion and travel times statistics information

  40. Jonathan Dodd: application made to abstract water