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  1. Tax credits: if you think a decision is wrong (WTC/AP)

  2. Tax credits: disability helpsheet TC956

  3. Secondary school preferences by school type: 2016

    • Transparency data
  4. Child Benefit: claim form (CH2)

  5. Notifications of intention to grant

  6. Calculating the minimum wage

  7. About your Child Benefit: Factsheet CH1715

  8. Patent forms and fees

    • IPO
    • Guidance
  9. Child Benefit information about young people aged 16 or over: Leaflet CHFTE

  10. The Patents Rules 2007 and Patents (Fees) Rules 2007

    • IPO
    • Statutory guidance
  11. Child Benefit: coming to or leaving the United Kingdom (UK)

  12. Request to correct a name or address

    • IPO
    • Form
  13. Appointment or change of agent

    • IPO
    • Form
  14. Application to register or give notice of rights

    • IPO
    • Form
  15. Request to reinstate a patent application

    • IPO
    • Form
  16. Tax credits: coming to the United Kingdom - WTC/FS5

  17. European passport return service: Wales

  18. European passport return service: Greater London

  19. European passport return service: Glasgow and Belfast (premium service centres)

  20. European passport return service: England

  21. Countryside Stewardship: Mid Tier (including water quality capital items) manual

    • Defra, RPA, Natural England and Forestry
    • Guidance
    • Part of a collection: Countryside Stewardship
  22. Health Protection Report volume 10 (2016)

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  23. Meningococcal disease: laboratory confirmed cases in England and Wales

  24. Improvement notice issued to Wirral council

  25. Defence Employer Recognition Scheme

  26. Search for businesses who have signed the Armed Forces Covenant

  27. Improved Management of Problematic Radioactive Waste Credible Options

    • NDA
    • Corporate report
  28. Reduced rate certificate: agricultural supply

  29. Reduced rate certificate: textiles energy intensive

  30. Reduced rate certificate: meat

  31. Reduced rate certificate: poultry meat rearing

  32. The Archer Academy

    • OSA
    • Decision
  33. Reduced rate certificate: plastics

  34. Reduced rate certificate: printing

  35. Reduced rate certificate: foundries

  36. Reduced rate certificate: metalforming

  37. Client notification: income or assets abroad

    • HMRC
    • Guidance
  38. Reduced rate certificate: chemicals

  39. Reduced rate certificate: cold storage

  40. Reduced rate certificate: dairy