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  1. Health Protection Report volume 11 (2017)

  2. Meningococcal ACWY immunisation programme: vaccine coverage estimates

  3. Herpes zoster (shingles) immunisation programme: vaccine coverage data

  4. Laboratory reports of hepatitis A and C: 2016

  5. Apprenticeships: common funding rules

  6. Apprenticeship funding and performance management rules 2017 to 2018

  7. Informative document - Public Health System 171 booking line - English version

    • FCO
    • Guidance
  8. Protected food name: London cure smoked salmon

  9. S35 7DA, Joseph Michael Leonard Hill, Charles Joseph Hill & James William Hill: environmental permit application advertisement

  10. BA5 1AG, St Cuthberts Mill Limited: environmental permit application advertisement

  11. Accreditation of GCSEs, AS and A levels for teaching from 2017

  12. Drinking water scheme: recent reports

  13. Analysis of non-diabetic hyperglycaemia prevalence in England

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  14. inSIGHT archive

    • Dstl
    • Notice
  15. Financial sanctions: consolidated list of targets

    • HMT and OFSI
    • Guidance
  16. inSIGHT: read the latest edition

    • Dstl and Defence and Security Accelerator
    • Notice
  17. A guide to Ministry of Defence Medal Office

  18. GL19 4BN, Mr Tim Juckes, Mr Frank Juckes, Mrs Julie Juckes, Mrs Mary Juckes t/a FM and T Juckes: environmental permit application advertisement

  19. Current list of designated persons, terrorism and terrorist financing

  20. CAC Outcome: Unite the Union & Mears Group PLC (2)

  21. Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery) register of cases

    • HMCTS
    • Guidance
  22. ME19 5DL, Ferns Surfacing Limited: environmental permit application advertisement (EPR/FB3003MP/A001)

  23. TA6 4RN, Refresco Beverages UK Limited: environmental permit application advertisement

  24. OISC News

    • OISC
    • Promotional material
  25. OISC special newsletter 04/17

    • OISC
    • Guidance
  26. Managing flood and coastal erosion risk annual report

    • EA
    • Corporate report
  27. Information from your accounts: HS229 Self Assessment helpsheet

  28. Memorandum of Understanding between the UK Government, Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and the Office of Communications

    • DCMS, Scotland Office, Ofcom and The Scottish Government
    • Guidance
  29. Incorporation and names

  30. Incorporation Relief: HS276 Self Assessment helpsheet

  31. Farm stock valuation: HS232 Self Assessment helpsheet

  32. Industry Security Notice (ISN)

  33. Use a formation agent to register your company

    • Companies House
    • Guidance
  34. Magistrate advisory committee recruitment information

    • MOJ and HMCTS
    • Guidance
  35. Military low flying: air weapons ranges activity

    • MOD
    • Guidance
  36. Military low flying: MOD sponsored air exercises

    • MOD
    • Guidance
  37. UK Trade Tariff: exports

  38. UK Trade Tariff: customs duty relief on pharmaceutical products

  39. UK Trade Tariff: correlation tables

  40. UK Trade Tariff: customs procedure codes