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Prime Minister's visit to Saudi Arabia and Jordan: April 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May visited Jordan and Saudi Arabia from 3 to 5 April to further strengthen the UK's relationships in the Middle East.

Prime Minister Theresa May arriving in Amman, Jordan.

Prime Minister Theresa May arriving in Amman, Jordan.


On her first visit to Jordan as Prime Minister, Theresa May visited Amman on 3 April. The Prime Minister announced a new UK-Jordan initiative to tackle the terror threat and develop new capabilities to strike at the heart of Daesh, with new support for the Jordanian Air Force. She confirmed a plan to improve co-operation on countering violent extremism in the region.

Prime Minister speaks about defence co-operation with Jordan

Watch the Prime Minister on defence co-operation with Jordan

The Prime Minister also discussed how the UK can build on our co-operation with Jordan to manage the fallout from the Syrian conflict.

Prime Minister speaks about Syrian refugee funding

Watch the Prime Minister on aid funding for Syrian refugees.

Saudi Arabia

The Prime Minister visited Saudi Arabia Tuesday 4 April and Wednesday 5 April. She made clear that they are a close and important ally and that we will continue to work closely in a range of areas, particularly on counter-terrorism where UK-Saudi co-operation is vital.

The Prime Minister also explored ways of boosting our already very strong trade ties. Saudi Arabia is currently the UK’s largest trading partner in the Middle East, with exports of British goods standing at £4.67 billion and services at £1.9 billion in 2015.



Published 4 April 2017