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PM meeting with members of the G5: 25 April 2016

The PM led a discussion on Syria during a meeting in Hanover with Chancellor Merkel, President Obama, President Hollande and Prime Minister Renzi.

Hanover meeting

A Downing Street spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister attended a meeting in Hanover, Germany today with Chancellor Merkel, President Obama, President Hollande and Prime Minister Renzi.

On Syria, where the Prime Minister led the discussion, they agreed on the importance of all sides respecting the Cessation of Hostilities and encouraging political talks to end the war.

On Counter-Daesh, they agreed on the need to maintain momentum and continue coalition efforts to defeat and degrade Daesh in both Syria and Iraq, including through online counter-extremism activity.

They agreed it was vital to give full support to the new Government of National Accord in Libya. The Prime Minister in particular made the case for seeking to work with the new Libyan government to build the capacity of the Libyan coast guard to help stem the flow of illegal migration across the Mediterranean into Europe.

They welcomed the steps that had already been taken to implement the EU-Turkey deal on migration, including the resettlement of the first Syrian refugees in Europe and the first refugees returned to Turkey, agreeing it would be important to ensure new returnees were processed swiftly.

On Russia/Ukraine, they agreed on the importance of continuing to encourage Russia to behave responsibly and in accordance with international law, and to fully implement Minsk.

The Prime Minister also held short bilateral meetings in the margins with Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Renzi, where they discussed how the international community could work together to tackle these shared challenges.

Published 25 April 2016