UK Competition Network (UKCN)

Documents issued by the members of the UKCN – the CMA and the individual sector regulators – about how competition law will be applied in the regulated sectors.

The UK Competition Network (UKCN) is an alliance of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) with all the UK regulators that have a specific role to support and enable competition within their sectors.

The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 includes a range of measures to strengthen the regime for the concurrent application of competition law in the regulated sectors.

The Competition Act 1998 (Concurrency) Regulations 2014 sets out certain rules and procedures for enhanced co-operation between the CMA and sector regulators in the application of competition law in the regulated sectors.

UKCN secondment principles

  1. UKCN secondment principles

UKCN consumer remedies project

A joint project, carried out by UKCN members, to improve their understanding of customer behaviour and the selection, design, testing and evaluation of demand-side remedies. The themes discussed at each workshop are below:

UKCN statement of intent

  1. UK Competition Network statement of intent

Annual report on concurrency

Concurrency guidance

Sector regulators' competition guidance

Memorandums of understanding

The memorandums of understanding between the CMA and the sector regulators set out how we will work together to avoid duplication of effort and share best practice.

  1. CMA and CAA memorandum of understanding
  2. CMA and FCA memorandums of understanding
  3. CMA and NHS Improvement memorandum of understanding
  4. CMA and NIAUR memorandum of understanding
  5. CMA and Ofcom memorandum of understanding
  6. CMA and Ofgem memorandum of understanding
  7. CMA and Ofwat memorandum of understanding
  8. CMA and ORR memorandum of understanding
  9. CMA and PSR memorandum of understanding


  1. Leniency arrangements in the regulated sectors
  2. Enforcement of competition law in the railways sector
  3. Deep sea container rail transport services: modified commitments
  4. ORR investigation into the carriage of freight by rail
  5. Civil Aviation Authority’s competition powers: draft guidance
  6. PSR competition concurrency guidance
  7. FCA competition concurrency guidance and handbook amendments


Competition Act cases: regulated sectors

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