UK Competition Network

The UK Competition Network (UKCN) is an enhanced forum for co-operation between the CMA and UK sector regulators with competition law powers.


The UK Competition Network (UKCN) is an alliance of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) with all the UK regulators that have a specific role to support and enable competition within their sectors.

The network aims to encourage stronger competition across the economy for the benefit of consumers and to prevent anti-competitive behaviour in the regulated industries.

Sector regulators

The sector regulators that are members of the UKCN are:

Monitor is an observer of the UKCN.

UKCN document collection

A collection of documents issued by the members of the UKCN is available on GOV.UK, explaining how competition law will be applied in the regulated sectors. The collection also includes a list of current and completed Competition Act 1998 cases in these sectors since April 2014.

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