Regulated Organisations - Applications/Guidance/Practise Notes

This section contains statutory guidance/guidance on providing immigration advice and services and the application forms you may require after initial approval.

Summary of OISC Regulations

Guidance for EUSS Advisers

  1. Guidance for EUSS advisers

Guidance on competence

Codes of Conduct

  1. Commissioner's Code of Standards: 2016
  2. The Commissioner's code of standards: OISC guidance note
  3. OISC code of standards


OISC's CPD scheme

  1. OISC's CPD scheme
  2. OISC Continuing Professional Development Scheme

Client needs

Running The Business

Financial guidance


Presentations and Training

  1. OISC Consumer Satisfaction
  2. Welcome to the OISC
  3. Premises Audit Presentation
  4. Professional Conduct Online Course
  5. Complaints Redirection Presentation

OISC regulations: Barristers/Solicitors

  1. OISC regulation and solicitors
  2. OISC regulation and barristers


Published 7 August 2014
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