Foresight projects

Foresight projects give evidence to policymakers to help them create policies that are more resilient to the future.

Foresight project teams work with government departments, experts and academics to identify where new or emerging science can inform policy. There are certain criteria for selecting suitable topics for Foresight projects:

  • the issue has a strong science and research element, so that science can play a role in helping us understand or solve the issue
  • the topic is important for policymaking now or in the future
  • one or more department(s) will champion the project
  • the topic is relevant to the UK
  • there is a significant future element to the issue, either because it relates to long term trends or because there is uncertainty as to how an issue will develop

Current projects

Find out about our current projects and read some of the evidence being used to develop the final reports.

Keep up to date with our findings on the Foresight Projects blog.

Horizon Scanning Programme Team Research Papers

Papers produced by the Horizon Scanning Programme Team, a collaboration between Cabinet Office and GOS to coordinates Futures work across government and integrate Futures into decision-making.

Horizon scanning research papers

Past projects: final reports

The final project reports of finished Foresight projects.

  1. Future of the sea
  2. Future of skills and lifelong learning
  3. Technology and innovation futures 2017
  4. Future of an ageing population
  5. Future of cities: overview of evidence
  6. Future of cities: science of cities
  7. Future of cities: foresight for cities
  8. Future of cities: graduate mobility
  9. Future of manufacturing: a new era of opportunity and challenge for the UK
  10. Future identities: changing identities in the UK
  11. Reducing risk of future disasters: priorities for decision makers
  12. Technology and innovation futures 2012
  13. Future of computer trading in financial markets: an international perspective
  14. Migration and global environmental change: future challenges and opportunities
  15. International dimensions of climate change
  16. Future of food and farming
  17. Technology and innovation futures 2010
  18. Land use futures: making the most of land in the 21st century
  19. World trade: possible futures
  20. Sustainable energy management and the built environment
  21. Mental capital and wellbeing: making the most of ourselves in the 21st century
  22. Reducing obesity: future choices
  23. Sustainable energy management: role of science and technology
  24. Infectious diseases: preparing for the future
  25. Intelligent infrastructure futures
  26. Drugs futures 2025
  27. Cyber trust and crime prevention
  28. Exploiting the electromagnetic spectrum
  29. Future flooding
  30. Cognitive systems
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