Future of ageing

Materials from the Foresight 'Future of an ageing population' project, which analysed the challenges and opportunities of an ageing society.

The average age of the UK population is expected to increase significantly over the coming decades. This change will bring both challenges and opportunities for central and local government, with impacts on a wide range of public services.

The ‘Future of an ageing population’ project provided state of the art scientific evidence to government. This evidence was intended to form the basis for a range of policies and actions to:

  • maintain wellbeing throughout life, for all individuals regardless of their generation
  • improve quality of life for older people and enable them to participate more fully in society
  • ensure everyone can access the tools and facilities to help them live a long and healthy life

Expert group

The project was guided by a lead expert group of academics and ageing practitioners.

Workshop materials

We developed a series of workshop materials as part of the project, including evidence cards and personas. These can be accessed below and used to understand how population ageing will impact other policy areas.

Future of ageing: workshop materials

Project report

Evidence reviews

The project is informed by a number of independent evidence reviews, developed by experts from across academia, and peer reviewed by independent academics. These papers provide analysis of the future of an ageing population in the UK.

Local essays

The project has commissioned a number of independent think pieces looking at the future of ageing from a local perspective. They are written by academics and those who work with older people.

Seminar reports

We are holding a series of events with academics, ageing practitioners, professionals and members of the public in cities around the UK.

Additional evidence

Published 4 November 2013
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