Tackling obesities: future choices

Foresight project looking at how we can respond to rising levels of obesity in the UK.

This project looked at how we can implement a sustainable response to obesity in the UK over the next 40 years. It gathered scientific evidence from across a wide range of disciplines to inform a strategic view of this issue.

The project’s objectives were to:

  • use the scientific evidence base from across a wide range of disciplines to identify the broad range of factors that influence obesity
  • create a shared understanding of the relationships between the main factors influencing levels of obesity and their relative importance
  • build on this evidence to identify effective interventions
  • analyse how future levels of obesity might change and the most effective future responses

The project involved over 300 experts from a wide range of disciplines and was overseen by a high level stakeholder group.

The project was sponsored by the Department of Health.

Project report

  1. Reducing obesity: future choices


  1. Reducing obesity: future choices - mid-term review
  2. Reducing obesity: future choices - 1 year review


  1. Reducing obesity: short science reviews
  2. Reducing obesity: lifestyle change
  3. Reducing obesity: environmental factors
  4. Reducing obesity: international comparisons
  5. Reducing obesity: research challenges
  6. Reducing obesity: drivers and trends - literature review

Systems mapping

  1. Reducing obesity: obesity system map


  1. Reducing obesity: visualising the future scenarios to 2050
  2. Reducing obesity: future trends in technology
  3. Reducing obesity: children's views
  4. Reducing obesity: food industries' views


  1. Reducing obesity: modelling future trends
  2. Reducing obesity: modelling of policy options
Published 17 October 2007