Future of computer trading

Foresight project exploring how computer generated trading in financial markets will change between now and 2022.

Advances in technology are transforming how our financial markets operate. The volume of financial products traded through computer automated trading taking place at high speed and with little human involvement has increased dramatically in the past few years.

Today, over one-third of UK equity trading volume is generated through high frequency automated computer trading while in the US this figure is closer to three-quarters.

This project examined the technological advances which have transformed market structures in recent years and explored how computer trading will evolve over the next 10 years.

Sir John Beddington talks about the new Foresight report on the future of computer trading

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The project involved 150 leading experts from more than 20 countries to provide the best possible analysis on computer trading to date. Over 50 driver reviews, working papers, economic impact assessments and surveys informed the final report.

It was guided by a high level stakeholder group and a lead group of experts to provide strategic oversight of the project and ensure that it used the most relevant evidence and research.

The project was sponsored by HM Treasury.

Project report

Working papers

Driver reviews

Economic impact assessments

Interviews and surveys

Workshop reports



Published 23 October 2012