Future of identity

Foresight project looking at how changes in the next 10 years will affect views of identity in the UK.

This project explored how changes in technology, politics, economics, our environment and demographics will affect our view of identity.

The aim of the project was to come to a broad and independent scientific view of changing identities in the UK by bringing together existing evidence from a range of academic disciplines, including computer science, criminology, the social sciences and the humanities.

The project was guided by a group of experts to make sure it included the most relevant evidence and its findings were of a high scientific standard.

Project report

  1. Future identities: changing identities in the UK

Supporting evidence

The future of identity project commissioned 20 independent papers, providing a wide ranging evidence base for the project.

  1. Future of identity: lessons from previous technological breakthroughs
  2. Relationship between online and offline identities
  3. Identity and social media
  4. Identity and technology
  5. Identity and the impact of surveillance technologies
  6. Identity and environment
  7. Identity and ideology
  8. National identity and constitutional change
  9. Identity and political allegiance
  10. Identity: power, conflict and prejudice
  11. Identity and the economy
  12. Identity and economic inequality
  13. Identity and the population age profile
  14. Identity: drivers of change
  15. Minority ethnic and religious identity across generations
  16. National and supranational identities
  17. Identity and risk
  18. National identity and ethnic diversity
  19. Identity crime in the UK
  20. Identity crime in the UK: future challenges


Published 21 January 2013