Cycling and walking

Cycling and walking investment, grant funding, research and infrastructure case studies.

The government ambition is to make cycling and walking the natural choices for shorter journeys, or as part of a longer journey by 2040.

Cycling and walking investment strategy

Cycle to work scheme

The cycle to work scheme encourages employees to cycle to work and lets employers benefit from a healthier workforce. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has published information for employers on scheme expenses and benefits. If you’re an employee interested in cycling to work, speak to your employer to find out if they have signed up for the scheme.

Cycling and walking grants and funding

  1. Access Fund: funding
  2. Cycling and walking local growth fund schemes
  3. Investment schedule in cycling and walking interventions
  4. New government-funded cycling routes revealed across England
  5. Cycle rail fund: awards
  6. Local transport capital block funding
  7. DfT cycling and walking innovation competition winners

Cycling and walking infrastructure: resources

  1. Traffic signs manual
  2. Planning local cycling and walking networks
  3. Cycling infrastructure: framework for evaluating economic and social impacts
  4. Managing cycle traffic at signalled junctions
  5. Shared use routes for pedestrians and cyclists (LTN 1/12)
  6. The Traffic Signs (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations and General Directions 2011 (TAL 01/12)
  7. How infrastructure relates to cyclist injuries
  8. Designing and modifying non-trunk roads and busy streets
  9. Cycle infrastructure design (LTN 2/08)
  10. Designing and modifying residential streets

Cycling infrastructure: case studies

  1. London Mini Hollands
  2. Developing London's cycle infrastructure
  3. Free bicycles for job-seekers in Greater Manchester
  4. Building cycle infrastructure in Manchester
  5. Encouraging cycle journeys to rail stations
  6. Encouraging bicycle use for local journeys
  7. Building cycle infrastructure in Birmingham
  8. Promoting walking to work
  9. Training children to cycle safely
  10. Promoting walking in primary schools

Cycle City Ambition

  1. Cycle City Ambition Programme interim report
  2. Cycle City Ambition: typical costs of cycling interventions
  3. Government funding boost for Cycle Ambition Cities
  4. Cycle City Ambition grant monitoring plan

Cycling standards, training and safety

Cycling and walking research and statistics

  1. Cycling and walking evidence review
  2. Cycling and walking safety rapid evidence assessment
  3. Cycling and walking: the economic case for action
  4. Assessing cycling and walking investment options
  5. Qualitative research for the Cycling City and Towns programme
  6. Predicting the demand for cycling
  7. The value of cycling: rapid evidence review of the economic benefits of cycling
  8. Sustainable travel projects: revenue and capital investment
  9. The economic benefits of walking and cycling

Cycling laws and regulations

  1. Electrically assisted pedal cycles
  2. Pedal cycles: lighting

Cycling consultations

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  1. 'Cycle rail fund: awards' published.

  2. 'Government’s response to the Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy safety review' published.

  3. Cycle City Ambition baseline and interim evaluation published.

  4. Announcing Cycle Ambition Cities with successful bids.

  5. Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) safety review published.

  6. Cycling and walking investment strategy.

  7. Cycling research and case studies published.

  8. Published 'Cycling city ambition grant: monitoring plan'

  9. 'Setting the first walking and cycling investment strategy' document published.

  10. Promoting Cycle to Work Day.

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