Court of Protection forms and guidance

Court of Protection forms including the COP1 application to make decisions on someone's behalf.


  1. Form COP DLA: Deprivation of liberty application form - For urgent consideration
  2. Form COP DLB: Deprivation of liberty - Declaration of exceptional urgency
  3. Form COP DLD: Deprivation of liberty Certificate of service non service Certificate of notification non notification
  4. Form COP DLE: Acknowledgment of service / notification
  5. Form COP1: Apply to make decisions on someone's behalf
  6. Form COP1A: Apply to make decisions on someone's behalf (property and finance)
  7. Form COP1B: Apply to make decisions on someone's behalf (personal welfare)
  8. Form COP1C: Apply to make decisions on someone's behalf (finances)
  9. Form COP1D: Apply to make decisions on someone's behalf (appoint or discharge a trustee)
  10. Form COP1E: Apply to make decisions on someone's behalf (supporting information)
  11. Form COP3: Make a report on someone's capacity to make decisions
  12. Form COP4: Apply to become someone's deputy (make a declaration)
  13. Form COP5: Apply to be part of Court of Protection proceedings ('acknowledgment of service')
  14. Form COP7: Application to object to the registration of a Lasting Power of Attorney
  15. Form COP8: Application relating to the registration of an enduring power of attorney (EPA)
  16. Form COP9: Apply to make decisions on someone's behalf ('application notice')
  17. Form COP10: Application notice for applications to be joined as a party
  18. Form COP DOL10: Apply to authorise a deprivation of liberty
  19. Form COPDOL11: Application to authorise a deprivation of liberty (Sections 4A(3) and 16(2)(a) of the Mental Capacity Act 2005)
  20. Form COP12: Special undertaking by trustees
  21. Form COP14: Proceedings notification (Court of Protection)
  22. Form COP15: Confirmation of proceedings (Court of Protection)
  23. Form COP1F: Annex F - Supporting information relating to validity or operation of enduring power of attorney (EPA) or lasting power of attorney (LPA)
  24. Form COP20A: Certificate of Notification / Non-Notification of the person to whom the proceedings relate
  25. Form COP20B: Certificate of Service / Non-Service Notification / Non-Notification
  26. Form COP22: Certificate of Suitability of Litigation Friend
  27. Form COP23: Certificate of Failure or refusal of witness to attend before an examiner
  28. Form COP24: Give a witness statement about a person who lacks capacity
  29. Form COP25: Affidavit
  30. Form COP28: Notice of hearing
  31. Form COP29: Notice of hearing for Committal Order
  32. Form COP30: Notice of change of solicitor
  33. Form COP31: Notice of intention to file evidence by deposition
  34. Form COP35: Appellant's notice
  35. Form COP36: Respondent's notice
  36. Form COP37: Skeleton argument
  37. Form COP44A: Apply for help with Court of Protection fees
  38. Form EX343A: Complaint form
  39. Form LPA 008: Notice to the Office of the Public Guardian of an application to object to registration of a lasting power of attorney made to the Court of Protection


Published 21 March 2018
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