Get a wildlife licence

You need a licence for work that affects wildlife. This includes disturbing or removing wildlife, or damaging habitats.

You must have:

  • a ‘general licence’ if your work involves a low risk to a protected species
  • a ‘class licence’ if your work needs a specific skill or experience to protect a species
  • an ‘individual licence’ if your work isn’t covered by a general or class licence

One-off licences

It’s usually quicker to apply by post or email if you only need one licence.

How you apply depends on the type of licence you need.

If you apply for licences regularly

Find out how to register to apply online for class and individual licences.

If you’ve already registered

Sign in to your Government Gateway account and select ‘CWM’. You’ll need to enter:

  • your customer reference number (including the C)
  • the memorable information you chose when you first registered

The service is case sensitive.