Get a wildlife licence if you regularly need ‘class’ or ‘individual’ licences.

You’ll need a Government Gateway account to log in.

You may find it quicker to apply by post if you only need one licence - see ‘other ways to apply’ below.

Start now on the Natural England service

The process is different if you’ve never used the service before and you don’t have a Government Gateway account.

  1. Register with Natural England.

  2. You’ll be sent a letter in the post asking you to send proof of your identity.

  3. Send copies of the documents requested to Natural England - you won’t get these back.

  4. Register with Government Gateway (if you don’t already have an account).

  5. Log in to the Government Gateway and select ‘CWM’ as the service you’d like to use after you’ve logged in.

You can apply by post using a paper form - the address is on the form.

Choose the licence you need from: