Make a private arrangement

You can make a private arrangement with your child’s other parent about how to cover your child’s living costs if both parents agree. No one else has to be involved. It’s flexible and can be changed if your circumstances change. For example, you could both agree that one parent:

  • pays some of their income to the parent with day to day care
  • pays for things like housing, school uniform, trips or clubs

If you cannot agree, or you feel at risk talking to the other parent, you might be able to use the Child Maintenance Service.

Working out payments

It’s up to you to decide how much payments should be. You can use the child maintenance calculator to help.

Get help to make an arrangement

You can read guidance on:

You can also search for a local mediator to help you agree on an arrangement.

If you need help with money as a paying parent or as a parent getting payments, find out what support you can get with the cost of living.