1. Overview

You can use the child maintenance calculator to work out how much your child maintenance payments should be.

The calculator is based on the rules used by the Child Maintenance Service. You can also use it if you’re arranging child maintenance yourself.

Contact Child Maintenance Options to discuss your child maintenance arrangements, including how to apply.

The Child Support Agency (CSA) no longer takes on new cases but will still handle cases opened before 25 November 2013.

Child maintenance and Universal Credit

Child maintenance payments can be affected if either the paying or receiving parent is claiming Universal Credit.

The ‘paying parent’ is the parent the child doesn’t live with. The parent or carer they live with is the ‘receiving parent’.

Paying parents

Child maintenance payments will be deducted from the monthly Universal Credit payment if the paying parent has no earned income.

If the paying parent does have an earned income, maintenance payments will be:

  • worked out from that income - Universal Credit won’t be included in the calculation
  • collected directly - they won’t be deducted from Universal Credit payments

Receiving parents

Receiving parents will be contacted by their agency to work out how maintenance payments might be affected if:

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