1. Overview

The Child Support Agency (CSA) can ask you to:

  • give information about your employee so they can work out the right amount of child maintenance
  • set up a deduction from earnings order (DEO)
  • answer enquiries from organisations used by the CSA to collect payments of child maintenance on their behalf

Your legal obligations when deducting child maintenance

By law, you must:

  • give information to the CSA when requested
  • send payments to the CSA as soon as possible, but no later than the 19th day of the month following the month you took it
  • let the CSA know immediately if there are any problems with taking payments from a paying parent’s earnings
  • make regular payments - if you don’t send payments to the CSA and don’t tell them why, they can take you to court
  • tell the CSA in writing within 10 days of an employee leaving your business
  • tell the CSA in writing within 10 days if they ask you to set up a deduction from earnings order (DEO) for someone who doesn’t work for you

The ‘paying parent’ is the parent the child doesn’t live with.

Changes to statutory child maintenance services

A new child maintenance scheme (‘the 2012 scheme’) has been introduced. It’s managed by the Child Maintenance Service and will run alongside the CSA schemes.

This will change the way DEOs work. The changes probably won’t affect you immediately and you don’t need to take any action until the Child Maintenance Service asks you to.

You can manage any of your 2012 scheme cases with the online service from the Child Maintenance Service.

Email the Child Maintenance Service if you have any questions about the upcoming changes or using the online service.

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