The basic State Pension

Change of circumstances

You must tell the Pension Service if anything in your circumstances changes, for example if you:

  • move home
  • go into or come out of hospital
  • move abroad or return to the UK
  • go into a care home
  • change your bank account
  • marry or form a civil partnership
  • get divorced or have your civil partnership dissolved
  • are widowed or your civil partner dies
  • change your gender

If you get Adult Dependency Increase

You must also tell the Pension Service if the person you’re claiming for has a change in circumstances, including if they:

  • start work
  • stop living with you
  • get a state benefit
  • get an occupational or personal pension

If you’re a man claiming the increase for your wife, you’ll stop receiving the increase when she reaches State Pension age. You do not need to tell the Pension Service about this.