Starting or running your own business

You can get help to:

  • start your own business
  • develop your business, if you’re already self-employed

You can get help from:

If you get Universal Credit

You might be able to get a 12 month ‘start up period’ if you’re self-employed.

During a start up period, no matter how much you earn:

  • your Universal Credit payments are based on your monthly earnings
  • you do not need to look for other work
  • you’ll get support from a work coach who’s trained to work with the self-employed

Your current work coach can tell you if you’re eligible.

Read more about claiming Universal Credit when you’re self-employed.

If you already have a business that’s less than 2 years old

You might be able to get a Start Up Loan.

If you’re disabled or you have a health condition

You may be able to get extra support through an Access to Work grant.