7. Temporary imports

You can usually use a vehicle with non-UK number plates without needing to tax or register it in the UK if all of the following apply:

  • you’re visiting and don’t plan to live here
  • you only use the vehicle up to 6 months in a 12-month period (one single visit, or several shorter visits adding up to a 6-month period)
  • the vehicle is registered and taxed in its home country

You must tax and register your vehicle in the UK if you become a resident or your stay is longer than 6 months.

Customs relief for non-EU vehicles

You may be able to claim relief from customs charges if your vehicle is registered outside the EU and you’re bringing it to the UK temporarily. This is known as ‘temporary admission’.

Fill in form C110 and take your vehicle through the ‘nothing to declare’ channel when you arrive in the UK.

If HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) says your vehicle must be registered and taxed in the UK, contact National Import Relief Unit (NIRU) and ask for form C&E 388.

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Students and workers

You may be able to use a vehicle with non-UK number plates for longer than a 6-month period, without taxing or registering it, if all the following apply:

  • you’re a student or worker
  • you normally live outside the EU
  • you’re in the UK for a set study or work period
  • the vehicle is registered in its home country

You must contact HMRC before arrival or on arrival in the UK to apply for customs relief.

If you meet the conditions, HMRC will give you a customs relief form that you can show the police if you’re stopped when driving the vehicle.

You must register and tax your vehicle in the UK if your vehicle is eligible for customs relief and you stay in the UK after it expires (normally at the end of the study or work period).

When you need Q number plates

You must get temporary Q number plates if you visit the UK for up to 6 months and either:

  • your number plates display numbers or letters that aren’t identifiable in the UK, eg Arabic script
  • your vehicle isn’t registered in its home country

If you claim custom relief charges, get your form C110 - temporary admission stamped on arrival in the UK. If you fill the form in after you arrive in the UK, send it to NIRU to have it stamped.

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If you’re stopped by the police

If your car has non-UK number plates and you’re stopped by police, you must show you can use the vehicle in the UK without taxing and registering it here.

You may have to show proof of the length of time you’ve been in the UK (eg a ferry ticket) or evidence that you and the vehicle are eligible for customs relief.