Getting vehicle approval

Get vehicle approval to show that your imported vehicle meets environmental and safety regulations. You’ll need proof of approval to register and tax the vehicle.

You cannot register and tax a ‘seriously damaged’ vehicle. If you pay for vehicle approval and then try to register a seriously damaged vehicle, you will not be refunded.

When you’re exempt from vehicle approval

If your vehicle was first registered or manufactured more than 10 years ago, you might not need approval. Check to see if the vehicle is exempt.

You will need vehicle approval to tax your vehicle if it was first registered on or after 1 March 2001 with EU type approval and it’s either:

  • a light goods vehicle (3,500kg maximum weight or less)

  • a light passenger vehicle - a car or minibus with 8 passenger seats or less (not including the driver) and with a CO2 emissions figure in g/km

If you do not already have vehicle approval, send a letter with your application to DVLA explaining why you do not have it.

SA99 1BE

If the vehicle’s not registered in the EU

To get approval for a vehicle that’s not registered in the EU, apply for either:

If the vehicle’s registered in the EU

Get a European Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer to show you have approval for an EU-registered vehicle.

If it’s a left-hand drive vehicle, you’ll also need a certificate of GB conversion Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA).

If you have a lorry or goods vehicle over 3,500kg, you cannot get a certificate of GB conversion IVA. Apply for IVA instead.

Getting a certificate of GB conversion IVA

Download and fill in the application form for:

There’s a £100 fee. Send your application to the address on the form.

Get help with GB conversion IVA

Contact the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) if you’re unsure whether your vehicle qualifies for GB conversion IVA.

Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA)