• Submit your VAT Return online

    Log in and submit your VAT Return online and get help with lost username, password or account activation codes

  • Pay your VAT bill

    Payment options for your VAT bill including Direct Debit, BillPay, faster payments, online banking and standing orders

  • Building a new home and VAT

    VAT refunds on building new homes and conversions - how to claim, application form and guidance notes

  • Businesses and charging VAT

    VAT for business - VAT rates, exempt and zero-rated items, when to charge VAT, discounts and VAT on offers

  • Correct errors on your VAT Returns

    Correct a VAT Return - make an adjustment, when to report an error, form VAT652, error correction helpline

  • Importing vehicles into the UK

    Importing vehicles into the UK - register imported vehicles, Mutual Recognition scheme, type approval, vehicle excise duty and VAT

  • Insolvency and your VAT

    Insolvency and your VAT registration, de-registration, pre-insolvency VAT Returns and final VAT bill

  • Reclaiming VAT

    What you can and can't reclaim, VAT on cars, VAT on staff travel expenses

  • Report VAT fraud

    Reporting VAT fraud to HM Revenue & Customs anonymously

  • Taking a vehicle out of the UK

    Taking your car out of the UK - when VAT is not payable on a car you are exporting, procedures, registration and vehicle tax

  • Tax tribunal

    Appeal to the tax tribunal - the First-tier Tribunal (Tax) - against tax decisions: how to appeal, the hearing, if you lose your case

  • VAT Annual Accounting Scheme

    Annual accounting and VAT - eligibility, thresholds, returns and payment deadlines and joining or leaving the scheme

  • VAT Cash Accounting Scheme

    Cash accounting and VAT - eligibility, thresholds, joining and leaving the scheme

  • VAT Flat Rate Scheme

    Flat Rate VAT scheme - eligibility, thresholds, flat rates of VAT and joining or leaving the scheme

  • VAT for builders

    VAT rates for building work, including plumbers, plasterers and carpenters - new houses and flats, work for disabled people, energy saving, grant-funded heating, conversions and renovations, properties that aren't homes

  • VAT for consumers

    VAT the basics and paying less VAT - tax-free shopping, VAT on energy-saving equipment and mobility aids

  • VAT Helpline

    Get information about VAT, including how to pay and penalties for mistakes and delays when paying

  • VAT margin schemes

    How to use VAT margin schemes - records you need to keep, invoicing and VAT return reporting

  • VAT Online Services Helpdesk

    Get help using VAT online services, including how to sign up for services, submitting your VAT returns, changing your registration details and getting refunds

  • VAT rates

    Current VAT rates - standard 20% and rates for reduced rate and zero-rated items

  • VAT record keeping

    Keeping records for VAT - invoices, VAT account, sales and purchase records for reclaiming VAT

  • VAT registration

    VAT - how to register, effective date of registration, registration thresholds, change your details, de-register (cancel) or transfer a VAT registration

  • VAT registration thresholds

    VAT thresholds - VAT registration, Flat Rate Scheme, Cash Accounting Scheme or Annual Accounting Scheme

  • VAT repayments

    VAT repayments - work out if you're due a VAT repayment using your VAT Return

  • VAT retail schemes

    Retailers can calculate the VAT they have to record in their account per day or week instead of for each sale

  • VAT Returns

    Your VAT Return - return boxes, how to submit it, deadlines, surcharges, bad debts, final VAT Returns

  • VAT visits and inspections

    VAT checks by HM Revenue & Customs - VAT officers inspecting your VAT record keeping and business premises