Rabbit fencing supplement (FG4): Woodland capital grants 2015

Find out about eligibility and requirements for the rabbit fencing supplement.

Foresters and other land managers can apply for woodland capital grants.

Read the accompanying guidance to find out more about Countryside Stewardship woodland capital grants 2015.

How much will be paid

£2.50 per metre.

Where the supplement is available

This supplement can only be used with the following capital items:

How this supplement will benefit the environment

This supplement will protect environmental features from rabbits. It will also help habitat management.


On the land

Successful applicants will need to:

  • use galvanised, 18 gauge, 31mm hexagonal wire mesh to construct the rabbit netting

  • attach the netting to a pair of 2.65mm, high tensile, spring steel straining wires using galvanised netting rings

  • make sure that one of the straining wires is at the bottom of the fence and one is at the top

  • bury the bottom edge of the netting to a depth of 150mm, or lap the netting on the surface of the ground towards the rabbit threat

  • anchor the lapped netting at 1m intervals

  • make sure that all the materials being used meet the relevant British Standards

Keeping records

Successful applicants will need to keep:

  • any consents associated with the work (these must be shown on request)

  • geotagged photographs of the area before and after completion of the work (these will need to be submitted with any claim)

  • any receipted invoices and bank statements related to the work (these must be shown on request)

How to carry out this supplement

The following section gives advice on carrying out this supplement successfully but the advice is not compulsory.

This supplement can be used on a site where there’s evidence of damage caused by rabbits, such as significant burrowing or crop damage.

The following options and supplements can be used with this item:

Published 17 February 2015