Deer fencing (FG9): Woodland capital grants 2015

Find out about eligibility and requirements for the deer fencing capital item.

Foresters and other land managers can apply for woodland capital grants.

Read the accompanying guidance to find out more about Countryside Stewardship woodland capital grants 2015.

How much will be paid

£7.20 per metre.

Where the item is available

This item is available on woodland.

How this item will benefit the environment

This item will protect newly created or existing woodland from deer browsing as part of a wider woodland creation or woodland management project.


On the land

Successful applicants should discuss and agree the requirements for this item with their Forestry Commission adviser.

They’ll need to:

  • meet the fence specifications set out in the tables below (and in the Forestry Commission’s technical guide, Forest Fencing)

  • clear debris from the line of the fence

  • make the line of the fence smooth enough that the bottom of the fence sits with the ground (there must be no gaps that deer can enter through)

  • make sure the fence is regularly inspected

  • maintain the fence so that deer can’t enter the land until the trees are large enough that they no longer need to be protected

Specifications for the fence’s woodwork

Species of deer Endposts and turning posts (m by cm) Struts (m by cm) Intermediate stakes (m by cm) Maximum stake spacing (m)
Roe 2.8 by 10 to 13 2.5 by 8 to 10 2.5 by 5 to 8 10
Muntjac 2.8 by 10 to 13 2.5 x 8 to 10 2.5 by 5 to 8 10
Red/sika/fallow 2.8 by 12 to 18 2.5 x 10 to 13 2.6 by 8 to 10 10

Specifications for the height of the fence and the size of the mesh

Species of deer Minimum fence height (m) Maximum mesh size (mm)
Red and sika 1.8 200 by 300
Fallow 1.8 200 by 220
Roe 1.5 200 by 150
Muntjac 1.5 75 by 75

What the management plan needs to include

If this item is being used on an existing woodland site, the management plan needs to identify that deer are present on the site and are a threat to it. A woodland management plan is not required where this item is being used to protect newly planted trees using capital item TE4 - Tree planting.

Keeping records

Successful applicants will need to keep:

  • the approved management plan justifying the need for this item

  • geotagged photographs of the area before and after completion of the work (these will need to be submitted with any claim)

  • any receipted invoices and bank statements related to the work (these must be shown on request)

The following options and supplements may be used with this item:

Published 17 February 2015