Countryside Stewardship: woodland capital grants 2015

Apply for woodland capital grants, check eligibility, choose options and find out how to get paid.

This collection was withdrawn on

Woodland funding is now part of the full Countryside Stewardship scheme, see woodland support.

Foresters and other land managers can apply for woodland capital grants from 17 February 2015.

From February funding is available, to maintain momentum in the priority areas of:

  • woodland creation
  • woodland management plans to ensure woodland owners are in a position to apply for other support when full Countryside Stewardship opens
  • addressing tree health issues

To get a grant, applicants have to agree to carry out work on their woodland to support the environment.

Applicants can select from a range of capital items, which offer different amounts of funding.

Countryside Stewardship will open in full in July 2015 with additional capital items and options for existing woodland. These will include a multi-year option and capital items to support woodland improvement. Applications for woodland management plans and woodland tree health support will continue to be accepted throughout 2015. Guidance for the full scheme will be published in the spring, ahead of the scheme opening in July.

Applicants can register with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) using the RPA’s online tool.

Countryside Stewardship is funded bythe European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas.

Published 17 February 2015