Haulier advice site locations

Find sites where drivers and crew of HGVs, LGVs, coaches and vans can get free COVID-19 tests and border readiness checks before transporting goods to the EU.

At the Department for Transport’s haulier advice sites, drivers and crew of HGVs, LGVs, coaches and vans can:

  • take a COVID-19 test, which they need to travel to France, Denmark and the Netherlands – see list below for sites where testing is available
  • find out about the rules and documents needed to move goods between the UK and EU
  • complete a free border readiness check to ensure they have the correct documentation to cross the EU border
  • get help using the Check an HGV is ready to cross the border service

COVID-19 testing

Several countries have introduced COVID-19 testing requirements for hauliers. The rules are different in each country. Check the rules before you travel and take the necessary action.

You need a negative test result before you travel to France, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Free COVID-19 testing is available for drivers and crew at the advice sites marked below.

Professional coach drivers who are driving abroad for work can also take a free COVID-19 test at haulier advice sites.

We strongly advise drivers and crew to get a negative test before they travel to Kent or other Channel crossing points.

Drivers and crew using Dover and Eurotunnel will get fast-tracked past queues if they get tested and have a valid Kent Access Permit before arriving in Kent.

To avoid delays, get tested at an advice site before you enter Kent.

Find your nearest haulier advice site

Haulier advice sites are at motorway service stations and truck stops. Most haulier advice sites are open between 6am and 9.30pm, 7 days a week.

Site COVID-19 testing hours
Beaconsfield 6am to 9.30pm
Burtonwood (Merseyside) 6am to 9.30pm
Cannock Roadking No testing
Carlisle Stobart Truck Stop 4am to 9.30pm
Charnock Richard Services northbound 6am to 9.30pm
Cherwell Valley 6am to 9.30pm
Clacket Lane eastbound 24 hours
Cullompton 6am to 9.30pm
Doncaster North 6am to 9.30pm
Donington Park 6am to 9.30pm
Ferrybridge Services 6am to 9.30pm
Fleet southbound 6am to 9.30pm
Formula Services (Ellesmere Port) No testing
Hartshead Moor (Huddersfield) 6am to 9.30pm
Heywood Distribution Truck Stop 6am to 9.30pm
Holyhead Truck Stop No testing
Hopwood Park 4am to 9.30pm
Junction 38 Services 6am to 9.30pm
Leicester Forest East northbound 6am to 9.30pm
Leicester Forest East southbound 6am to 9.30pm
Lockerbie Truck Stop No testing
Markham Moor No testing
Membury eastbound 6am to 9.30pm
Orwell Crossing Truck Stop 4am to 9.30pm
Peterborough 4am to 9.30pm
Pont Abraham No testing
Reading Eastbound 24 hours
Rothwell Truck Stop 6am to 9.30pm
Rownhams northbound 24 hours
Rugby Stobart Truck Stop 24 hours
Sandbach northbound 6am to 9.30pm
Sandbach southbound 6am to 9.30pm
South Mimms 24 hours
Stafford northbound 6am to 9.30pm
Strensham northbound 6am to 9.30pm
Strensham southbound 6am to 9.30pm
Sutton Scotney northbound 6am to 9.30pm
Sutton Scotney southbound 6am to 9.30pm
Tamworth Services 6am to 9.30pm
The Stockyard Truckstop Rotherham 6am to 9.30pm, Monday to Friday
(7am to 11am and 4pm to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday)
Thurrock Services 24 hours
Truckhaven (Carnforth) 6am to 9.30pm
Watford Gap northbound No testing
Watford Gap southbound 6am to 9.30pm
Wetherby Services 6am to 9.30pm
Woodall northbound 6am to 9.30pm

Map of haulier advice sites

Map of haulier advice sites

Published 4 November 2020
Last updated 24 January 2021 + show all updates
  1. South Mimms has been opened for 24 hour testing.

  2. Changed closing time for haulier COVID-19 testing sites to 9.30pm; this is because it takes half an hour for tests to be processed.

  3. Cullompton, Sandbach northbound and Ferrybridge services added to list of haulier advice sites that offer COVID testing.

  4. Orwell Crossing Truck Stop hours updated to begin at 4am.

  5. Hauliers need a negative COVID-19 test result before travelling to France, Denmark and the Netherlands.

  6. Clacket Lane eastbound and Orwell Crossing Truck Stop are now offering COVID testing.

  7. Added translation

  8. Added translations.

  9. Strensham Southbound, Stafford Northbound and Strensham Northbound sites are now offering COVID testing.

  10. 7 more haulier advice and information sites are now offering COVID testing: Charnock Richard Services northbound, Truck Haven (Carnforth), the Stockyard Truckstop Rotherham, Woodall northbound, Leicester Forest East northbound, Beaconsfield and Sutton Scotney northbound.

  11. Rownhams northbound is offering COVID-19 testing from 6am until 10pm.

  12. Eight new haulier advice sites are now offering testing: Heywood Distribution Truck Stop, Thurrock Services, Hartshead Moor (Huddersfield), Formula Services (Ellesmere Port), Sandbach Southbound, Cherwell Valley, Membury Eastbound and Junction 38 Services.

  13. Added Junction 38 Services advice and information site.

  14. 5 more advice sites are now offering COVID-19 testing: Burtonwood, Fleet southbound, Hopwood Park, Leicester Forest East southbound and Rothwell Truck Stop.

  15. Sites where HGV drivers can get a free COVID test before travelling to France.

  16. Added details of new haulier advice sites.

  17. 39 more haulier information and advice sites open at service and truck stops.

  18. First published.