Street works - useful links and information

Useful links and information relating to street works.



Local authorities

Some local authorities now include information on their web sites on works carried out in their areas.

  • - web site of the Highways Authorities and Utilities Committee (HAUC(UK)) founded in 1986 to assist the Secretary of State in arriving at proposals for new street works leglislation, and to provide guidance for practitioners.
  • web site for the National Joint Utilities Group, which represents the interests of the main utilities in street works and other relevant matters.
  • - Roads and Authorities & Utilities Committee (Scotland) - This site has been created with the purpose of helping various bodies and organisations co-ordinate and communicate activities involving disruption to the road network around Scotland.
  • - web site for the Office of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner. The Commissioner works with the road works community to oversee improvements to the planning, co-ordination and quality of road works in Scotland.
  • - web site of the Welsh Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee, and a reference point for highway authority staff and statutory undertakers and their contractors who carry out work in Wales.
  • - information on street works and road works in Northern Ireland.

Other organisations

  • - Elgin is a site used by more than 70 highway authorities to show on-going and planned works.
  • - allows you to access the original text of all legislation made since 1988.
  • - an online database of legislation as it is following amendments.
  • - the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills amongst other things, sponsors the telecommunications industry and licences telecommunications companies as statutory undertakers with a right to carry out street works.
  • - the Department of Energy and Climate Change sponsors the energy industry, including the gas and electricity transmission companies and increasing sustainability.
  • - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
  • - the Health and Safety Executive are responsible for the regulation of almost all the risks to health and safety arising from work activity in Britain.
  • - Ofgem is the Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets, regulating the gas and electricity industries in Britain.
  • - Ofcom is the communications regulator, and is responsible for the TV and radio sectors, fixed line telecoms and mobiles, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate.
  • - Office of Water Services is the regulator for the water industry.

Further information

Published 21 July 2011