Military air systems integrity management: related documents

Supporting documentation for the integrity management for military air systems.



These documents are related to the certification area of the Military Aviation Authority (MAA):

  • Propulsion integrity handbook
  • Structural integrity handbook
  • Structural integrity management: aircraft usage validation process (AUVP)
  • Statement of operating intent and usage: generic template
  • Structural integrity (SI) strategy document template
  • System integrity handbook (SYSI HB)
Published 11 May 2015
Last updated 19 April 2018 + show all updates
  1. The Propulsion integrity handbook, Structural integrity handbook and System integrity handbook have all been updated.
  2. Page layout updated.
  3. Generic template for the creation of Type Specific SOIU document has been published
  4. MASAAG paper 106: Repair assessment programme for military transport aircraft has been published
  5. Structural Integrity Management Aircraft Usage Validation Process (AUVP) has been up issued to 5.1, displaying the new corporate cover. The content of the document remains unchanged.
  6. MASAAG paper 105: Teardown inspections – guidance and best practice has been published
  7. The propulsion integrity handbook has been updated to issue 2.2.
  8. First published.